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Something else i wondered, if the goal of scarring seeds is to mimic going through an animal's digestive tract, why not soak those seeds in a hydrochloric acid/water solution for a few hours?
4 years ago
Looks like pest control can be added to the list of challenges, could well be that rabbits eat the first shoots.
Does look like some of them made it through fortunately.
I wonder if perhaps focusing on a smaller area could increase succes rate, and make some form of pest control possible.
Had a look at some drones, and they might be usable for testing, not so much for larger area drops.
Did come acros this;
Does look very dangerous with all that safety gear
4 years ago
Parachutes! Nice one Kostas!
Have been looking at drones aswell, but more as a tool for dispersal, definitely worth looking into.
What i've been wondering is if using a weight, maybe a clay disk, on the bottom of the bag, on top several smaller seedballs, packed tightly, whereby on impact the bag would burst, dispersing the seedballs over a larger area.
The clay disk could contain other beneficial stuff, and/or small seeds.
But i figure a picture is worth a thousand words, so prepare to be amazed by my awesome sketching skills

4 years ago
Got some bags on the way, curious myself if this is feasible, fortunately i'll soon have plenty of room and time to experiment with them.
What i was wondering about is when you make seedballs, do you combine different plants/trees?
I'm thinking in the direction of guilds/companion plants and beneficial organisms, don't know if the extra effort/cost would be worth it though.

4 years ago
I'm gonna be over in a few weeks, if you want, i can bring you some.
And maybe you could get me some seeds?
Otherwise, it is used in carpfishing, so you might find it at an angling shop.

4 years ago
something i have been thinking about for a while is your idea of dispersing from the air, but the problem being the seedballs scattering on impact.
I was thinking that PVA bags could be a solution, would dissolve with the next rains, don't think it would be much more effort than making the seedballs themselves.
Although the price could be a problem, 10-15 cts a piece, likely less wholesale.
It also would depend at from wich height you intend to do it ofcourse.

In the wet season, see how the water flows, where it pools naturally, and work from there establishing groundcover.
Look in your area for places where water remains for a longer period during the dry season, and see what grows there, that would be a good start.

4 years ago
Figured that's about how it worked, depending on planting distance ofcourse, wouldn't a spiked wheel work?
I've met Panos briefly at a workshop in Edessa last year, seemed like a very nice and knowledgeable guy.
However Edessa is out of my range, so i was hoping to find a nursery that delivers.
I've tried searching myself, but Google translate is not your friend when it comes to Greek
Looking forward to an exchange of ideas here, i have many, and sometimes even a good one!
4 years ago
Hello Kostas, very interesting tool, how does it work?
I'm very interested in wich plants/trees do well in Macedonia, and would you know somewhere i could get young almond trees around Thessaloniki?
4 years ago