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As a correction, it has 87+ acres. Some features below:

Almost 88 acres of Beautiful Silent Pristine Forest.
Close to Hanging Rock State Park
5 Miles from Virginia State Line
North of Winston and Greensboro
Several House Sites Available. (3-4) Or Keep It All For Yourself and Family
Some Cleared Land, Lots of Gorgeous Hardwoods and Others
Ready for Building Your Dream Home
Lots of Amazing River/Creek Frontage
Great Neighbors
Fantastic Well Water in surrounding area, great for drinking.

This is your Once in a Lifetime opportunity to own your own mountain. This is a gorgeous piece of land, nestled at the end of a short mountain road, has potential to be subdivided, or you can simply have it all for yourself, your family and nature...for generations to come.

The property has tall, old trees which whisper of days long long ago. You can sit out on your porch at night and watch the sunset from the top of the mountain, while drinking your fresh picked herbal tea (or Moonshine)

It has Lots of River (Huge Creek) Frontage which is beyond description. **GREAT FOR KIDS** As kids, my friends and I would play in and near the creek. We've painted ourselves up with red clay, built mud castles, mud dams (which were often busted by my 4-ish-year-old self), and we swam plenty. There are places to jump off of rocks into the water which was a blast. A neighbor has a pond which is another nice swimming area, with a jumping-platform ~15' above water level.

I could go on and on, but you need to see this land to get the full picture. Please send message to arrange an appt. Don't miss this one. This is Amazing Potential for your Lush Life.

Pics still to come.
Beautiful piece of land for sale in NC:

Potential Permaculture Paradise borders a creek in Stokes County, NC. A number of potential building sites as well as food forest areas. Some of it is steep so might be best kept as Zone 5. It is mostly forested. Hardwoods, Pines and more. Asking $500,000. "Own your own mountain" or create a lush, abundant, human habitat for your family and friends.

We live on a different property and would like to sell some of our existing land to consolidate. If you have house/land in the right place we may be open to trade. It would be great to have this land in the care of an eco-conscious permaculture practitioner(s).

Please let me know if you are interested.

Pics to be added!
Hi, Great information on this site. Thank you.

I have not found info here about market growing with a high tunnel so if anyone has experience with this I would appreciate your input.

I plan to grow in a high tunnel (approx 30' x 72'), party for home and community, and primarily for market.

Rather than being oriented perfectly east to west, the high tunnel is angled a bit, maybe 30 degrees counter-clockwise from E-W orientation. The entrance is on the east 30-foot side and the ground slopes slightly uphill toward the west side. The water pump/spigot is to the left of the entrance, in the south-east corner.

I have been considering how to lay out raised beds for efficient irrigation, harvest etc... and also to maximize production with a polyculture system. 4' beds or smaller? Straight beds or a keyhole bed system? Drip irrigation or something else? Beds oriented parallel to the 72' sides or to the 30' sides?

Please feel free to share other ideas and experiences with growing for market in a high-tunnel.

Thank you in advance for your input. Cheers.
5 years ago