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How's it coming along? I am planning to do a 'trickle' system under gravel (lava rock).

It is a system being built in Costa Rica and the problem there is high water temp and low dissolved oxygen so raft systems do not perform well.

I like the tip on avoiding the temp fluctuation from flood/draining.

We are taking the best results from local operations and trying to make a system that will avoid the errors made before us! ...I thought maybe the trickle system under rock would work for your chift/pist design also...

4 years ago
hydro equipment options and setup (with current parts list)::

Hi, I am trying to assemble the equipment necessary to churn out some power off a waterwheel down in Costa Rica.

So far I have:

Tracer 30A MTTP 24v charge controller
2500W/5000 peak modified sine wave inverter
500W pure sine wave inverter
80A rated continuous AC-DC rectifier with heat sink
various pulleys, some pillow bearings, etc

Currently, I am looking at PMA's (permanent magnet alternators) from Mikeswindmillshop and

I'd like to put as close to the 150v max into the charge controller to limit the amps going through the wire.
And its been recommended to run from the PMA to the controller with the 3-phase to decrease losses (put rectifer at the controller).
The PMA's I'm considering will put out over 100v at about 2000 rpm and I hope to create enough amps to keep a battery array charged while running the 1/2HP well pump intermittently to keep the cisterns filled.

We have 2 1000 liter cisterns to pull the water up (57') into and we are building a 2" water ram to move the water over about 200' from the well head to the areas of the residence and animal pens.

I am wondering what equipment is still necessary for a complete system. I know I should put a breaker of some kind on the output of the PMA to keep it from overheating. Also, I have heard of dump relays to a 'dummy' load but I think using the charge controller has this built in. However, I would like to direct power to a heating coil and circulation pump if the batteries are at full charge to avoid not utilizing the power off our waterwheel.

A little extra power would be useful but our main goal is to simply generate enough power off the wheel in the stream to get our fresh water up out of our well.

What parts am I forgetting? Will the components we have assembled work well with each other?
What are recommendations for sizing our battery array??

thanks for your time and input!


4 years ago
I have a 6" well with water down at 57'. Would a 9' water wheel pull up a 1/2' column of water with the waste water off a large enough water ram to turn it??

I am not looking to have a gigantic GPM, just a demonstration of lifting water ~60' off a water wheel.
...and then moving it a few hundred feet on a 1% grade - hopefully with the Clemson design of the water ram.

4 years ago