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Recent posts by G Duke

Can anyone point me towards ideas/design for building some kind of manual ventilator into an exterior wall of a stick frame building?  I am converting a small structure into a living space and want to have wood framed picture windows without sliders, but still be able to open something up to let in a breeze or let out cooking smoke, body odor, ect...

Any ideas?
7 years ago
Thank you for your thorough reply, I greatly appreciate it.  So CYLL's 30 day course is highly recommended?  Are there any other courses I should consider at this point?

Thanks again.
Destiny, could you give me a general idea of the level of ability you had when you started working online and what kind of work it has allowed you to do?

I am trying to get an idea of whether I have marketable skills at this point, or whether I would have to pursue further education to make money online.  I am known as an excellent writer (resumes, cover letters, newsletters, persuasive essays, editing and rewriting, ect), but I don't actually have any credentials beyond "I'm a darn good writer... everyone says so."

Any thoughts?

Thank you.
Are there 851 items on this list, or are there only 51? All I see is numbers 801 through 851, and would love to see a lot more if they are somewhere.
I am considering buying a piece of land that is right next to a river on the floor of a valley. I want to plant perennial forage crops for chicken, pig, and human consumption, and am wondering if anyone has suggestions of things that could work well on that kind of land. It is in the Bitterroot Valley MT. The ground water is 3 ft down, and there is both a spring and creek with water rights on the property for irrigation. It is in the 100 year floodpaln.

The accessibility of water is attractive to me, but I am wondering how many perennial forage crops will be unable to survive a flood. Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

8 years ago
I know that the property is in the 100 year floodplain, so the potential for flooding definitely exists. Does anyone have experience using fruit rootstocks adapted to heavy/wet soils in an area that is occasionally inundated with water? Of course I wouldn't be planting the whole piece of land in fruit and relying on it to pay my bills, but I would want to feel confident that if I planted a little home orchard it wouldn't all die from a really wet month or a few days of flooding.

What about other perennial food bearing plants and trees? I am specifically wanting to plant perennial forage crops and trees to feed chickens and pigs. Can anyone give me ideas on what trees could be grown for this purpose that would not die if the soil were periodically inundated?
8 years ago
I am considering buying a site on the valley floor of the Bitterroot Valley in Lolo MT. The water table is about 3 feet down, and the site is mostly flat and right next to the Bitterroot River. Currently it is just in hay without irragation. I would like to do plant all kinds of trees and am looking for any advise or resources anyone can point me to about things I would want to know about growing trees on this type of land.

If I just chose hardy stock would I be alright to plant typical fruit trees? Does a river have a microclimate advantage like a lake or pond would? Any ideas for this type of land?
8 years ago
My questions:
For people who realistically only have access to "dirty" power grid electricity, does using an electric saw really have greater net benefits over gas?
And what do you do if the electrical "engine" fails? Are these saws rebuildable in any sense?
How much energy is tied up in the production of those batteries, and how long are they expected to last?

I am asking these as honest questions in case anyone knows the answer, not as rhetorical questions to imply that I already know that gas is better or whatever.

I would love to try an electric saw when the technology advances a lot further. On the other hand I envision getting halfway through a day, having to drive somewhere to charge batteries, and in doing so burning many times the fuel that my chainsaws require for a days work. Obviously there are variables as far as where the technology will go, and I could form new habits that might avoid these problems, but the margin of benefit seems slim at best.
9 years ago
I'm trying to figure out how to be able to afford to live in Missoula. All I can find is insanely expensive rent, so I'm considering turning a bus into a home.

But the big question is- where would I park it? I'm not so keen on renting a lot in a trailer park or an rv campground, but if there were nice clean options I would consider it. I'm more interested in parking on property just outside of the city, or on a city lot in a neighborhood. Hookups wouldn't be required.

Anybody got property they aren't using / have any other ideas for me?

My family is nice and clean, and our bus would be nice and clean (my wife will not consider living in it unless it is relatively beautiful). I would consider doing some property maintenance, general labor, animal care, livestock care, tree cutting, ect in exchange for a place to park and live.
9 years ago