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Recent posts by Arlene Meyer

As of last night this forum and Paul's pages have got my immediate electric heating need answered for this winter BUT...

I have been intrigued with small rocket stoves for a while and would really like to build a Rocket Mass Heater in my tiny Hut.
It's 225 sq ft and I live in it full time. I am most comfortable at about 80 degrees so I need a "free" heating solution. I have just this summer
sealed and fully insulated my roof with R-19 and CDX. We also cut down a 9 trunk HUGE Myrtle tree so by next winter I will have enough cured
wood for my lifetime.

My question is... Is my Hut too small to contain a large enough "mass" part of the heater to hold heat??

I have 2 areas that are about 4' that I could possibly put the heater. The design I loved was Paul's Wood Sided Heater. It looked like something
I could easily make but the video seemed to stop before he found out if pea gravel worked better than sand. I live on the Oregon Coast so I have a lot of free sand!

Could I build an efficient wood framed RMH in 4' of space??

Is there any more detailed information on Paul's Wood Sided RMH. I just found this all at 1 am this morning so I haven't had time to research much.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

6 years ago
Paul and you all I just wanted to say thanks!

I found you all last night and FINALLY have the solution to heating my 225 sq ft cabin I live in full time.

It finally dawned on me at 1am that what I need to do is fill in my recently framed 8-- 2' x 4' skylights with R-19 insulation and get a few 42 w Daylight bulbs for the winter.

I'd never thought of it before because I LOVE how bright my Hut is but the "skylights" are just clear polycarbonate roofing and the heat just goes straight up through them. This is my 8th winter here and I have done a lot of work to make it warm with sealing and insulating the rest of the roof.

This was the last piece of the puzzle I needed!

Thanks to you all!

Paul I grew up near you on a farm in Florence MT. (Now I'm on the Oregon Coast)
6 years ago