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since Oct 15, 2014
Whitehorse, YT; hardiness zone 1b (Can)
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Recent posts by El Rowlatt

Great timing for this one.

Thank you!
2 weeks ago
Awesome! I already clean with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, so I'm eager to see what other methods are available.
Thank you!
6 months ago
Welcome, and thank you for the possibility of winning a sickle. A certain luddite attitude means I love hand tools, and having planted small amounts of barley and oats this spring, I'm very interested.
6 months ago
Wow, these are awesome!

May I ask:  what are you planning to do with all the extra money?
7 months ago

Reading through this thread, I'm relieved to see some discussion about the angle of the summer sun and the earthen roof / overhang.

Up here (north of 60), I need a well-insulated greenhouse but I also need to take advantage of all the sunlight I can. The frost-free season is very brief (sometimes only 90 days) and any plant which needs to come to fruit needs to do it in a short window.

I don't have any solutions to propose, but just a keen knowledge that I won't be putting a ton of energy into a greenhouse with that much of an overhang.

7 months ago

This looks awesome, and very pertinent to me.  Wonderful freebie.

However (and please forgive my low intelligence), I can't figure out how to access it as a bonus freebie and I used up my spare money supporting the kickstarter.

Any suggestions?
7 months ago
Congratulations on the magnificent kickstarter!

If it were still possible to add something, I'd like to see design options / plans based on the latitude of the build.

I have difficulty imagining one choice of sunlight angle will fit every place at all times of the year.
7 months ago


If you're thinking about stretch goals, I'd love to see some plans without the earthen roof. This far north, putting a roof on it like that would mean my greenhouse is shaded from May to August, because the sun is so far north in the sky.

Well done, you guys!  I am excited to see this project unfold.
8 months ago