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Thanks a bunch, I'll definitely try that out. Hey, I heard comfrey was kinda' a nitrogen hog, would it be okay to put some coffee grounds in? Mostly folgers. The paper doesn't help with birds? I don't there's a big problem with birds here.
So, like a lot of people on here, I read Fukuoka's book. Also Sepp's book.
In there Sepp talks about just throwing the seeds out there, really thickly it looks like (http://www.permies.com/t/5559/permaculture/Sepp-Holzer-method-planting I don't remember him talking specifically about his method in "Sepp Holzer's Permcaculture"). This is good, but I don't have a ton to spend on seeds...
Fukuoka talks about using seed balls with clay and soil.
So, I know he lives on the mountain, and gets clay from there, I live in Florida. I haven't found any clay around my house, yet. But, until then, I do want to do seed balls, to increase my chances. So the function of the clay is to protect the seed until it gets wet, then it dissolves. That means I need something that will break down when it gets wet, and will keep the seed dry till then, or something like that.
I thought maybe a leaf, but that would take forever to break down, so no.
Maybe Spanish moss? Maybe a some old wood pulp?
I don't know, what do you guys think?
I hear peppermint is good, you can make tea and it's not picky. If you're really into Mexican food or something, ezapote is good (and helps with gas). Lavender smells really nice and helps with bugs, you can put it around your house too. Some people put it in their food, never done it.
Whatchu thinking?
"I have the most interesting complexes ever, and despite Freud and Darwin, I have made a healthy adjustment as an earthworm." Toni Bambara
"We know that his play is always fair, just, and patient. But also we know, to our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance." Thomas Huxley(talking about nature)
"Andean Indians sometimes grow up to 200 different kinds of potatoes in a single field." National Academy of Sciences
4 years ago
I found a list of cacti native to California, maybe it would be a good start on that front. http://www.cactusjungle.com/california_native_cactus_and_succulents.html
4 years ago
I have a whole bunch of pennywort growing in my hugul like bed. Just learned you could eat it.http://www.eattheweeds.com/a-pennywort-for-your-thoughts-2/ Which I will do.
I found my exact species on the USDA Plant Database.http://plants.usda.gov/core/profile?symbol=HYUM Although it didn't help much in what I was looking for. xD
What does it do to help future plants, I know it stabilises soils.http://www.ourstate.com/pennywort/
Does it accumulate nutrients or anything?I've been trying to look through permaculture plant databses, but haven't found it.
To make it clear, I'm completely okay with it being there and am not trying to get rid of it, trying to use it.
Any advice you guys have, thanks.
4 years ago
Hey I would also be interested in studying, we should start a study group over Skype or something, lemme know. I have read Fukuoka's one straw rev, gaia's garden, teaming with microbes, and a couple others, and I don't mind reading them again if we went through them. Also watched and read a ton on the internet about permie stuff. Have many more books on my comp about permaculture I want to read.
Hey I posted this on the Hugul forums and not many people responded, it's really small and it's not really like Sepp's Huguls so I guess I understand. What I'm trying to do is like a kind of water retaining woody compost pile, which is pretty much sheetmulching with bigger to smaller wood chunks. I definetely have enough materials, there's a really overgrown patch near our house, tons of green material, straw, and logs. Plus what I've been collecting, the only thing I'm short on at the moment is spanish moss, have a good bit but don't know if it's enough, and the mini-forest has little to none 3:.
I have a couple questions though, really new to all this, like actually doing it I mean, have read about it for awhile.
1. Palm parts? Are they applicable as trunks? And the hard parts that form on the outside and fall out, the ones that kind of look like a snake's tounge shape, are they wood or brown matter? That's a lot of questions in one.
2. Is wood brown matter? I know for compost piles you're supposed to keep 30:1 C:N, and the same is true for sheet mulching, does the wood affect the C:N ratio?
So yeah, I'm going to put a link for the imgur album with a simple diagram of what I'm hoping to achieve and a mock layout, keyhole attempt xD. It has measurements, I read that 8 by 8 was good for keyhole size, what do you guys think about that?
Hey Tim, Toby Hemenway actually talks about apple trees being pretty susceptible to the juglone secreted by walnuts. His recommendation is to plant trees like mulberry or black locust, which are resistant to juglone, in between walnuts and apples as a barrier.
4 years ago
Hey Giselle, I started a hugul questions thread and I wanted to link you to it so you could see, I honestly forgot about the chicken poo comment, but it could go into low c:n organic matter category, anyway if you want to you should look to tell me what you think.
4 years ago