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Hi guys. 4 year vegan here. 27yo.
I eat as much as I want, I put on muscle faster than before, I sleep better, clear skin, clear head etc. as is the usual it seems.
I highly recommend checking out Dr. John McDougalls research, He posts a monthly newsletter full of recent studies.
Dr. T. Colin Campbell who helped research the china study, and the wrote a book about it, still puts out a lot of good information today.
Dr. Neil Barnard is doing a good job.

Anyone who is interested. I recommend you watch these documentaries.

COWSPIRACY. It seems overblown but the figures do check out. Can be a bit vague but it's a fun watch.
EARTHLINGS. If you only watch one then watch this. It shows the real process of "meat" production. Not for kids!
FORKS OVER KNIVES. It is based around health and nutrition.
WHAT THE HEALTH. as above.
and others. on youtube.

If we want to continue, then this needs attention.
2 years ago
The cheapest foods we can get hold of are generally starchy foods like beans and lentils, rice and pasta etc.
Being able to cook starch was a game changer for the early human. You get about 30x more calories from a cooked potato than a raw one.
That gave us a massive edge, we then had a novel source of calories that we didn't have to compete for.
Starch is our proper energy source, we get ample protein if we eat enough, and it's dirt cheap.

Every one knows that you have to eat your fruit and veg. Why not make it the basis of your diet and avoid the doctors bills?
2 years ago