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Recent posts by Olenka Kleban

Hello hello,

I am writing to say that I just got a very positive purple moosage from the permies staff, and since I can't find the reply button there, I'll reply openly here.

The message was in regards to photos that I posted in the forum that have now gone missing. Poof! I believe they are lost somewhere due to the uploading method that I used. Towards the end of my stay at the Lab, I was loading photos directly from a free online photo editor called "Sumo Paint" since it was faster than loading from my computer. I see now that the time I saved with that shortcut was very temporary, and uploading from Sumo Paint was actually an unreliable choice that has lead me to have to backtrack and find those photos to re-load them.
So, if you're using Sumo Paint, BEWARE. :)

Thank you for the humourous message and positive way of informing me of the missing photos. I will look to replace them (it will take a while, though, it will take a while. :(

Be well, and permie on.

Joseph sounds like a community that's being gentrified by art-culture moving in. I'd be interested to hear if there are permaculture developments happening along with the art. Art is cool, and can be a great door to open a community to alternative lifestyles, and ultimately a tool to change norms. But sometimes art is so aesthetically lovely that it's easy to not see that many contemporary, conventional art fabrication processes and materials are actually harmful. There's art, but then there's art made with sustainable processes and materials. Permaculture art.

Paul, if you're in Joseph again, or another community that's going through gentrification/renaissance through the culture of art, I'd encourage a tour of the place with an art guide, someone who can talk about all the cool stuff that's around, know roughly how it was made, and can speak about how the community is better because of it; and maybe you can assess the environental impact of the artworks in town. Much like the permculture garden chat, but different.

Or perhaps that's all in part2!
Oooo I'm interested- 'twould be a great opportunity to work with Erica!
However, to get to Wheaton Labs and build it before October is a tight call. :(
I don't think it's possible for me, but lucky is the person who gets their hands on this project.

8 years ago
Hello folks of tipi curiosity! (hello then to myself, too!)

It's been, what, 4 months since my traverse away from the tipi? Yes, something like that.
My time in the tipi was an excellent primer for my days today, days of summer homesteading in my native Ontario.
My time in the tipi has given me confidence and foresight to prepare and take me into a coming winter of homesteading. :)
Summer is nice, but winter is fantastic- I can't wait!

Alas, summer homesteading, especially at a time when so much infrastructure is just waiting to be built, is a time that's not so convenient to hop on the internet and creatively cruise around. But hey, it's hot, so I'm seated in the shade and perusing the forums.

So I see that there are some new photos of the tipi, all beauteous, wonderful.

But of the bumbling bodies at the Lab, is there someone who's been stewing about the tipi lately? Any thoughts about that site, that place as a home, that place an efficient dream place? Cassie, have you had a sleep or a few in there? What's it like to heat up a pot of evening tea with the the exhaust re-route? Perhaps the ants might have some thoughts on the site, especially in contrast to their own doings as they establish their personal homeplaces? Any opinions or ruminations out there?

8 years ago
Know your forest, and you will know a million paths.

The pooper path is not really a necessary thing considering that the forest is already filled with unique markers
but maybe these poms will help a newcomer find the throne. :)

If there's interest in making more pompoms (for any reason:), you can find yarn down at basecamp, in a box of dye-related things sent graciously by Judith Browning.

9 years ago
And if you're around the tipi and you gotta go, look for the sign out just past the bee hut...

Flip the sign over to suit your fancy.

And follow the pompoms through the forest!
They are a little sparse, so keep yer eyes peeled.

9 years ago
-3 extra spools of waxed thread
-sewing awl with spool (needle and wrench stored inside the awl handle)

9 years ago
The sewing awl is stored in the tipi. It's in a little sack on a shelf.
(Thank you Judith Browning for the lovely little sacks!)

9 years ago