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Recent posts by Justin Rhodes

I'd cull that old lady hen. Chickens after 2.5 years go waaaaay down in production. Plus, she's setting a bad example for your younger ones.

However, them not roosting on a perch isn't a big deal and that's not affecting their egg production. Heck, Joel Salatin doesn't even provide perches for his winter greenhouse flock.

The old lady's age is affecting her laying production so I'd go ahead and make a nice chicken soup.

Also, make sure you have deep bedding in that coop so that something is cathing their manure. If possible slat the bottom floor with 1" slats and have 1" openings between them so manure can fall through and they're not sitting in it. Then add wood shavings, wood chips, or leaves to that pile of nightly manure every day.

If possible get rid of the stationary coop and use a mobile coop with a floor where manure can easily fall through down to a deep bedding run. Then you can move the coop around.

There's a chance you can add deep bedding inside your coope= but only do that if you have enough space so you only have to clean it out once a year. Handling Chicken manure isn't a way to last very long as a Chicken Tender.

1 year ago
They'll probably eat some, but you're still gonna have weeds pop up. I'd recommend that you'd plant plant starts in this area. Here's what you do:

1) Put the chickens in the area with the hay for four weeks. Add more carbon material as needed to keep it sanitary and smelling good.

2) At the same time you set this up, start your seeds in a greenhouse or cold frame or whatever.

3) After four weeks move out the chickens and plant your starts down through the mulch into the soil underneath.

If you aren't starting your own seeds, no big deal, just buy plant starts at the garden store or hardware store.

Ideally, you'll have enough carbon to absorb the chicken manure so your soil won't be too hot. Be sure to wash your produce thoroughly before you eat it.

Since you're just doing a Chicken Tractor sized garden it will be rather easy to pull any weeds that come up after you've moved the chickens out and planted your garden.

1 year ago
Thanks EVERYONE for all the support! We made is to #45 overall on Amazon sales. Hopefully reaching the masses with this regenerative way of life!
1 year ago
I've been researching this lately, and found this great Mother Earth News Article about growing your own Chicken feed (including cover crops). http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec/sites/default/files/grow_your_own_poultry_feed.pdf
6 years ago

Y'all TOTALLY helped me crush my 1st Kickstarter for my film, "Permaculture Chickens"

That was a little more than two years ago, and I'M BACK!

This time, my family of SIX has converted an old school but into RV so that we can travel America featuring THE greatest sustainable yards, homesteads and market farms.

Paul Wheaton is on the list of folks to see.

So is Curtis Stone, Rob Avis, Diego Footer, Jack Spirko, Greg Judy, Dan Ohmann and on and on and on...

You can see more of the folks we plan to visit, here.

We'll be creating YouTube Videos every single day of the adventure and uploading them to my channel.  

But, we're also creating a feature length documentary film after we're finished.

The documentary will be something you can touch (physical DVD's of the film, T-shirts and Mugs available).

You can watch the documentary in one evening, and you'll see interviews (from us and the farmers we visit) that won't be on YouTube.

Why Kickstarter?

To do all this filming and uploading I'm gonna have to have reliable mobile power and consistent internet access. This can be expensive, but I know the publicity this project will generate will be a HUGE step forward in the regenerative lifestyle movement.

NOTE: I'm offering an incredible deal on the documentary (get the download for just $15). Plus, I'm throwing in video BONUSES only available to my KS backers. Organic T's and Stainless Steel Mugs also available

Back "the Great American Farm Tour" HERE for a deep discount and exclusive BONUSES

Want an idea of what a day on the farm tour will look like? WATCH THIS...

7 years ago
Till with chickens and a broadfork (instead of a machine tiller)

You knew I'd say that one ^^^ so I got it out of the way real quick

Work from home

Home school

Home church

Home cook

Grow food at home

Home etc...

Did I say, "stay at home?"

Group a buuuunch of errands when you go to town

Opt for standard shipping when you order online

Share a car with your spouse

Buy digital when possible

7 years ago
I'm going, "good lord's willing and the creek don't rise"

I'm speaking in the short form talks,

"the naked truth behind 'Permaculture Chickens' - how permaculture business rescued me from poverty and IS changing the world"
8 years ago
Buying gobs of land all around me and permifying the crap out of it.

Oooo.. Or setting up gobs of endowments for passive income, so that I can continually by land and permify the crap out of it.
8 years ago
I'm so gonna do this now. Printed out that list... Thanks!
8 years ago
It was a long time ago, but I kept finding permies.com when researching stuff with on "Mr. Google Pants".

Not long after that, I started including permies.com in my Google searches when I wanted a genuine permaculture answer to my questions.
8 years ago