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Recent posts by Sara Tamler

Good idea, Michael! We're focusing on local volunteers so we can really get community involvement & excitement generated in the area, but definitely good to get the exposure and word out there

Thanks for your interest, I'll post pictures when we start the build!
3 years ago
Hi Permies! I'm a young natural builder in Oregon and very new to any sort of fundraising endeavors (& hate asking for money in general), but I'm leading the build of a really exciting project next spring and we so need support. That includes monetary donations, but also materials and time if anyone is local and interested!

I'll be leading the build of a 200sq ft straw/clay home with natural plasters, living roof, and earthen floor in a new affordable income housing community called Emerald Village to be built in Eugene, OR. Emerald Village is following a urban tiny-home village model to address affordable housing needs (think Dignity Village in Portland and Opportunity Village also in Eugene).

At Emerald Village, each individual house is designed and built by a different local designer and contractor. Our build will be the ONLY building using natural techniques. It will also be the first permitted straw/clay home in Eugene! If (/when!) successful, we're hoping to use this home as an example and resource to other urban affordable housing projects. We'll be exploring what it means to build naturally in a city as affordably as possible, building with as many natural materials as we can and also recycled/construction waste products. We'll be hosting work parties for community members and welcoming future residents of the village to be a major part of the build to spread the natural building word and skills! We already have a deserving (and VERY excited) resident lined up who's so ready to have a home to call their own.

Here's our crowdfunding page:

Thanks so much for your support, everyone!
--Sara (lead builder) + Alicia (designer)
3 years ago
Hey all! I'm one of a crew of four young natural builders looking for land to work on and people to work with. We have diverse backgrounds - carpentry, farming, art, trail work, designing - and work well together (and with others!) We all recently completed a long-term building intensive program in Oregon together and are excited to put our skills to good use. We want to build infrastructure on a piece of land, ideally one we could live on as we build, and are open to leasing, work trading, purchasing, or any arrangement that gives us some freedom to experiment and use natural techniques as we build.
We're particularly interested in land that doesn't have a lot of infrastructure already in place, and are committed to living on the property for at least a few years if it's the right fit. We're open to any region, including outside of the States, though we're generally focusing on the West Coast. Really looking for a place with a solid & supportive community - either on the land or in the surrounding area. We have some capital, many ideas, and tons of energy to devote to the right place!

Looking to land somewhere as early as next spring, and could come visit serious possibilities over the winter.

Email me at if you're interested or have any leads.

-- Sara (representing myself, Eric, Chris and Carlos)
5 years ago