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B.S. in Biology, U.S. Army medic, Currently a industrial water treatment operator for the Bureau of Reclamation. 
Buena Vista, Colorado Zone 4B
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 Came across this Farm in South Central Colorado while researching Quinoa.   White Mountain Farm Mosca, Colorado. http://www.whitemountainfarm.com   website state that they have been raising Quinoa since 1987 at 7600 ft. I believe they sell  Quinoa by the pound.
2 years ago
I only had a few tomatoes ripen on the vine, most of what I grew are in a brown paper sack with a apple.  
   Good Afternoon Joseph, Have enjoyed reading your post on landrace crops.  I live in a somewhat similar environment.  USDA says that I live in Zone 5a. Elevation 7950 ft. 10-12 inches of rainfall, soil glacial till.   Snowed this Morning and have been seeing frost touched leaves on my tomatoes for several weeks.  I have been raising a Brandywine tomato and a commercial grape tomato that I had kept seeds from. (industrialized flowers)  I definitely have the same feelings for tomatoes that you do. I love them in salsa's and sauces but do not care for them when they are fresh.  I do ask my wife what she thinks about their taste. I look forward to ordering seed when you have them available this spring.  I believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing.   I will also keep a lookout for silver dimes.  Have a great day Mike
I think the format should stay the same, However I do enjoy it when people post pictures
It will be my first attempt also. I believe the website has a variety of Quinoa that was developed in Mosca Colorado at 7500 ft elevation. I live at 7950 ft. Hopefully it will work for me here in Buena Vista.
4 years ago
Thanks for the Link Daniel, I have been looking for Quinoa seeds all day they seem to have a good assortment
4 years ago