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As well thank you both for your replies! Both encouraging and helpful in this process. :^)
I believe if the opportunity to do so would seem right to me then absoutely. I would commit myself for five years if it is possible. The ability to build from the land is so valuable and the more I know the more I can impart to my children when I have them..if I have them!

This is also a skill I believe I would use for my own use as well as teaching folks in the community as well as sharing ideas and knowledge with friends and family. Who knows though, it could turn into more than just learning for myself.

As said if the opportunity were to present itself I may just do it. I have a year before I can do anything though. Working and learning and loving as much as I can before I move onto the next chapter.

The rest is left to prayers and guidance from the Lord!

Cody James Duke Crowder
Where did you learn these building techniques? I am absolutely interested, but unsure which approach to take in the learning process!

God bless

Cody James
Hey there! I was wondering if anyone has any insight and knowledge of organizations or just people who are willing to educate individuals on how to build housing from timber logs in exchange for labor. I know many folks offer courses which can be very costly. I am pushing for an alternative where I can commit to a length of time (more than a month) to work and learn without expending too many financial resources.

I think I would be open to doing so, however, my fear is that I would invest so much money into a course of so little time to where I would not be able to retain as much information as I would need to begin on my own. If anyone has taken courses, perhaps they could share their experience with doing so here and just how valuable that was to them?

I like to make these decision as wisely as possible. Thank you!