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Recent posts by Terry Ruth

We have been working with a consultant on many aspects of the future of our village, including the establishment of a tiny-house neighborhood. At our last meeting, we realized that the technical aspects of designing a truly innovative and ecological tiny-house neighborhood was a very complex task. The suggestion was made that we attempt to find an urban planner, architect or landscape designer (or a group or individual with expertise in all three fields) who would like to use our village as a showcase for their expertise. Ideally, we would like to find someone in Canada. (The people in our area are almost entirely French-speaking, but I’m American and a professional translator and interpreter, so language should not be an issue.)

I’m too busy with my own designs right now or I’d take this on. The architecture and building design alone is very complex, if you want the wow factor and several specs to choose from. Maximizes spatial designs is challenging. Add the complexity of renewable energy, eco-sewer and water, more complex, add permaculture even more. If you’re looking to exchange free design experience for bragging rights you may be hard pressed to find a knowledgeable designer/engineer. You might check your local universities, otherwise, the design cost will substantial, better done by a local firm for starters & educate yourself to provide guidance.

In the US Spur, TX is the tiny home pioneer and there are many following: http://www.spurfreedom.org/

They have boosted their economy well in the past two years.  They have no codes. They require city hook-ups not interested in transients. Others have written new codes to change the lot minimum square feet to ~1000 , lower minimum building widths, set-backs and easements. The designer will need this info along with a map of existing utilities. Do yourself a favor if the city does not require it take that to a qualified civil engineer to do your plat layouts. Look for designers with errors and omissions insurance that are registered with a legal office.

Average cost here in US is ~ $40,000 with lots. Your cost to develop land should be far less than mainstream designs if it is not your design and financing is incorrect. Large struggle with the community, codes, etc....

Its one thing to design these, seems like everyone and their mother are, another to design them well and fit them into a community, especially urban. Micros are better there.

Here is one look at the community page, they have a back log of orders, offer lease purchase, renting lots for trailer pulls, or purchase. City sewer or compost, etc.  : https://www.habitatstinyhomes.com/

7 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:Terry, here's a thread with links to information about permaculture design:  https://permies.com/t/55751/permaculture-design/Permaculture-design-basics

For the most information about permaculture design, there's Bill Mollison's book about it, Permaculture a Designers Manual.

Ok, thanks, I'll look it over when I have some time.
7 years ago