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Here's a good movie that was on Netflix, probably still is. It taught me a useful skill whether dumpster diving or not; that if an egg sinks in water it's still good, if one end sticks up it's good for baking, and if the whole thing floats it's no good.
4 years ago
Vitamin C!!! A while ago I started reading some Linus Pauling, he was a bio chemist, colleague and friend of Einstein and the only person to ever win two Nobel Prizes by himself. So a pretty smart guy, I assume and good hearted too. That led to this other guy Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner who was a medical doctor in the 50's who treated all kinds of illnesses with very high doses (this is the important part) of Vitamin C. If your interested in the facts, both have published numerous studies of the effects which when read kinda make you wonder if all the money made off cold and flu drugs caused a plot to distract us from the power of an un-patentable vitamin.? Who knows, probably so. Basically, all that research theorizes that we all used to live closer to the tropics and as we spread out from the tropics we got further away from rich sources of Vitamin C, one of the few vitamins that do not store long in our bodies and we are always in need of replenishing it, as many of life's functions use it up and thus we are all living in a state just barely post scurvy.
Here's a few things it does to help you be happy and healthy:
-Vitamin C strengthens connective tissue thereby increasing resistance to viral invasion
-Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, metabolizes free radicals and in high doses is a powerful anti-viral
-Vitamin C helps adrenal glands synthesize a variety of steroid hormones which process adrenaline and noradrenaline preventing adrenal exhaustion, also preventing cell and hormone oxidation which prevents cancers and viruses from attacking oxidized cells
-Leukocytes(white blood cells) actively seek and transport Vitamin C to damaged tissue
-Leukocytes also require Vitamin C for making globulins and for phagocytosis (ingesting bacteria and other invaders)
-Leukocytes are so hungry for Vitamin C that when too little is present they will retain enough to cause scurvy in other tissues
-the lens of the eye requires Vitamin C and it is known to prevent cataracts
-Vitamin C destroys histamine, prevents premature seperation of the placenta, dissolves cholesterol, pulls calcium from calcium plaques in arteries, detoxifies the body of heavy metals, and is essential for synthesis and maintenance of collagen
-Vitamin C has been proven to fight over 30 major diseases including: pneumonia, arthritis, cancer, leukemia, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, diabetes, MS, and chronic fatigue.
-Vitamin C is one of the safest substances you can put in the human body and is completely safe and effective in extremely high doses.(medical studies have treated cancer patients with 1,000,000 mg/day intravenously with only slight discomfort, nausea, and headache as the side effects)
If you are pregnant or on other medications consult your doctor first.

I personally started taking about 6-8 grams of Vitamin C daily three years ago, I take (2) 1000mg pills in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner and sometimes more before I go to bed) and more throughout the day if I feel a tickle in my throat or am around other sick people. I don't take it all at once because it makes me gassy if I do and then I'm no fun to be around. (In high doses it's also the most healthy laxative you can readily and quickly find at pharmacies) Here's the results, I haven't gotten sick, not a cold, not a flu, nothing in three years!!! I try my best to be a pretty healthy person, I exercise, work outside, eat tons of veggies and grow most of my food and have for about 8 years. But before I started taking what I at first thought was a lot of Vitamin C, but now know is just enough. I still got sick two to three times a year. But not since the "C" nothing, nada!! I have no explanation except the "C" I'm still around sick people all the time in cold and flu season. Give it a shot and tell me what you think.
If you're already getting sick you probably can't take too much, but spread it out through the day, try 2 grams an hour, you'll start feeling better by the end of the day when you would normally be feeling worse. I recently visited my folks for the holidays and guess what? My dad had the flu, full on bad flu. He was too deep in to be saved but my mom was getting the first signs of it and I convinced her to try taking 2 grams an hour. At the end of the day she had taken 20 grams and no longer felt bad, she got a little gassy that day but come the next she was back to 100%. We all stayed on the C pretty heavy until my dad was better and not my mom, my wife, or I got the flu! Even though we were all trapped in a small sealed up winter house with the sick guy!
I'm sticking with it and spreading the good word. The soapbox was appreciated and wishes of good health to all.
4 years ago