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Hey i'm Ryan,

I grew up in a smallish coal mining oriented town on the north queensland
coast called Mackay. Where it's normal to grow up aspiring to work in the
mines getting that big paycheck, getting the trophy wife, trophy house and
3 cars, So following in my dad's footsteps thats the path i took until i
realised a few years ago that this direction wasn't making me happy and was
never going to make me happy. this realisation, combined with my indulgent
use of alcohol and recreational drugs made me hit an emotional rock bottom that only a massive
change in course was going to bring me out of.

The change in course wasn't sudden and it wasn't something that i was
consciously doing, but i think i can pinpoint the time where it started to happen, i think it started when i watched a doco on UFO's haha (bear with me) The doco sort of convinced me that UFO's were actually real! This made me keen to find out what else in this world i'm misinformed about, which long story short led to me
going from being a staunch atheist skeptic, to a conscious human craving
spiritual enlightenment. i took a big step toward furthering my spiritual
enlightenment when i took a trip to the Peruvian Amazon this year to attend
a 30 day ayahuasca retreat, which i could go on about for hours but this isn't the spot to do it..

So to skip a few chapters and fast forward to where i am now, i very rarely drink, and haven't done drugs or smoked for a long time. i've been doing a lot of overseas travelling the last few years. unfortunately
and ironically i still work as an electrician in a coal mine, which is
something i'm not proud of, and it means i've still gotta put my bogan face on at work even though i'm a massive hippy now haha. but i now treat my job as a means to an end, and a
short term necessity to get together the money i need to quit my job in a
year or two. I'm currently undertaking a Permaculture design course and
using my days off and holidays to volunteer on organic farms and
Permaculture systems (through the WWOOF program) to get the practical
experience that i need to start my own system from scratch.

Once i've got the money and the know how in the bank, I'm going to quit my
job, buy the land, and implement my knowledge and experience to live a
self sustainable, spiritually oriented, happy existence. I just need a good
like minded girl to jump on the bandwagon with me.
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Recent posts by ryno smith

Oh yep, i'll be down in brissy this week I'll be sure to flick you a response when things get moving!
2 years ago
Cheers! Are you from around Mackay?
2 years ago
Hey I'm Ryan, a 26 year old male from Australia.

I'm Looking for someone, or a couple of people, to help me establish and eventually live on my 7 acre property at the foot of the Eungella Rainforest near Mackay. The land has Power connected, and has a 2 megalitre per year water allocation from a nearby Dam, It's a really nice block, in Sugarcane country.

For the right person/s I'm willing to donate a section of my land for you to build your own house and call it home with me!

Must be someone Employable, and willing to Relocate to Mackay. The plan is to build an initial 2 bedroom abode for me and you, then together we will plan and start chipping away at initial permaculture projects (aquaponics, solar, food foresting, fencing etc) and eventually build seperate, more permanent accomodation in order to really call the place home!

There is a lot of employment opportunity in the region, especially for tradespeople, I myself am an electrician who works 7 days on 7 days off in a coal mine up here, (hence why it is hard for me to carry out projects, I'm only at home every second week)

If this sounds like you, Let me know! ryansmith1302@gmail.com

I'll take enquiries from internationals also

PS. Attached is a photo of the land
2 years ago
Hey I'm Ryan from Australia,

I've been into Permaculture for a number of years now and it definitely holds a big piece of my life puzzle, I own a 7acre block of land in tropical North Queensland, Australia (about 45 minutes from my home town Mackay) The aim is to turn this place into a self sufficient sanctuary for myself and my future family. I'm right into aquaponics, aquaculture, food forestry, animals and as of recently JESUS. I grew up living a pretty hedonistic lifestyle, a lot of travelling, drugs, partying etc. But a series of events and revelations from personal research have led me to the belief that God does exist, and the Bible is the true word of God.

I'm currently working as an electrician in a coal mine over here, which pays well but is just a means to an end. As soon as I have my land set up, and I can supply my own needs, I plan on moving into ministry and missions.
If there is a girl out there who shares an equal passion for God and Permaculture, I'm waiting to hear from you! email me on ryansmith1302@gmail.com

Cheers, Ryan

2 years ago
Hey Angelica! I'm Ryan a 26 year old guy from Australia, I've been into permaculture for a few years now but just recently came to Jesus (about 8 months ago) so if you want to send me an email even just to start a new friendship that would be cool. hope to hear from you!

2 years ago
I'm starting a food forest in tropical North Queensland, Australia (Mackay). I've bought a heap of tropical fruit tree's on impulse because they were going cheap at a nursery that i know, all of them are pretty advanced, standing around 6 feet tall..
The land that i'm going to plant on is all completely cleared and exposed to the tropical sun (it's an ex sugar cane paddock). We in the middle of spring at the moment so the wet season is not far off.
I'd like to know:
a: what kind of ground covers would be best for this climate, must be able to handle harsh sun
b: is it absolutely necessary to condition the ground with a chicken tractor or something before planting, my issue is that i work 7 days away, then i'm home for 7 days, so it's not possible for me to tend to animals at the moment, is there another "one and done" kind of way to condition a patch of land.
c: should i mulch the area that is planted with ground cover?
d: at what stage should i plant the tree's into the ground at the designated area, ie: before, during or after the ground cover has been established.

Any other useful tips on starting a tropical food forest would be appreciated greatly!

attached is a photo of the land that i'm dealing with

Thanks in advance!

3 years ago
Hey Rose,

My names Ryan, I'm a 25 year old guy from Australia, and basically all the stuff in your post resonated with me.
I've been on the permaculture path for a few years now. For most of my late teens/early 20's i was just a deadbeat party guy, with no direction, blowing all my money.. but as a result of me becoming aware of the situation that the current global financial system has us in, and also due to experiences i've had on Ayahuasca (look it up) over in south america, i gravitated really quickly towards permaculture as a way to better myself, my life and the life of my current and future family. The ability to help others is also an amazing bonus.
So anyway i'm a big traveller and keen snowboarder. I started work as an electrician in the coal mines of Australia straight after school, and still work there but obviously my path now does not include sticking to that in the future! it's been a really good means to an end for me though, the money is fantastic and i work a 7 on 7 off roster so it allowed me to travel lots, (i was pretty much living in Bali last year)

My plans at the moment... i've saved up enough money now to buy a property outright, i'm thinking about buying over in the northlands of New Zealand, beautiful place, decent surf and lots more going for it. I'm looking at buying a place of 20 acres or over, and allowing my best friend with her boyfriend, and one other couple that i'm yet to find, to build shipping container dwellings on the land. Because i think with a property of that size and the projects that i'm wanting to do, i'm going to need a bit of help. It's also good to have a few people to share costs with .. So the vision for the property is obviously full, abundant self sufficiency, but i'd also like to use it as a training facility to run courses on permaculture and natural building. I've got a full detailed step by step plan drawn up for the place that i'd be more than happy to email to you if you want it. I'm not one of these permaculture jokers that is all talk and no action, and hopefully you aren't either!

Once established, i plan on continuing to do a couple of months contract electrical work per year to fund overseas holidays and stuff too.. So right now i'm starting to actively search for my life partner to join me on this big journey, i'm putting my feelers out there wherever i can, and i have a feeling that she's going to fall into my lap soon! even if you don't end up being the one for me, congratulations on the excellent life direction and i hope it all works out for you

Cheers, Ryan

PS. Below is the link to my Facebook profile, and my email address if you're interested...If we do end up really hitting it off, and i feel like it could be worth trying to make something happen. i'm willing to pay for flights over to Australia so we can meet., Obviously after a lot of skype chat etc. haha. I just thought i would include that to stop you from writing this off due to the distance problem. Hope to hear from you! see ya

3 years ago
Hi i'm Ryan

i'm Reasonably new to permaculture but immediately found out that it's my life's passion, i currently work as an electrician in an australian coal mine, which sucks! but it's a means to an end as it pays really well and every paycheck is another step closer to the day where i buy my own acreage and start establishing my own homestead, i'd expect to be buying this time next year i've started becoming a spiritual sort of dude the last couple of years, not religious but a lot more conscious and curious about my surroundings and the total reality of the universe, i've been to Peru twice in the last 12 months to take part in 20 different ayahuasca ceremonies, which i think is probably what sent me down this permaculture path (if you don't know what ayahuasca is, look it up, you need it!)
Anyway, i'm Hoping to find a girl somehow someway with the same sort of vision, i don't think distance should come between two people with the right chemistry when you're looking for a long term partner. it would be handy if you're in Australia though!

if you like what you're hearing feel free to reply on here or flick me an email at ryansmith1302@gmail.com.
3 years ago