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Recent posts by James Landreth

A friend suggested charring the bottoms of the poles to help waterproof and increase longevity. What are your thoughts on that?
3 hours ago

Mk Neal wrote:We used red cedar for some arbors, and while the above- ground wood seems rot- resistant,  the part in contact with soil rotted out in 5 years.  We had filled the postholes with sand and crushed rock (paver base), but that was not enough to keep it from rotting.  I found out that this is pretty standard life span.

Good to know. I wonder if sinking it into concrete would help?
2 days ago
Thank you, all! If I were to use it to build arbors and pergolas, how long would it last untreated? Are there ways I can treat it that would make it last longer outside? I know it's pretty rot resistant but want it to last
3 days ago
What are some uses for Red Cedar wood, if any? A property I'm working on has some mid-size red cedar (maybe two feet in diameter at the base) that have to come down due to safety concerns. I'm trying to educate myself in all their uses so I don't waste it
3 days ago
I have friends who have lupus who use hot baths and the like, and also lots of rest. One of them seems to find that being mostly plant based is also very helpful, though they do eat meat and animal product on occasion
4 days ago
I'm looking into the process for putting in some ponds at sites I have access to in Oregon and Washington. I keep hearing and reading wildly inconsistent things from different people, including government officials. Does anyone have any advice? One told me I wouldn't need a permit for under 90 cubic yards. Another said that I have to send in a detailed site map drawn to scale, A permaculture farmer and swale builder told me I don't need a permit if I contact the National Resource Conservation Service.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
2 weeks ago

Triton Nomad wrote:
There is one downside - the weather. Unlike James, my peach trees died the first year. I love eggplants but they will have to wait for the greenhouse.

Hi Triton,

Let's talk sometime about this. Peach trees can definitely live here, so we have some troubleshooting to do--variety, microclimate, hydrology all might be factors. Tons of people grow them so we should be able to figure it out. The same with eggplant. Also, this year was very off weatherwise, as was last. We often have very hot summers (I grow olive and citrus outside here)
3 weeks ago

Matthew Wylder wrote:I lown land east Lewis county with a few other people and we are trying to build up a farm/ecivillage/tiny house!artist community etc.....  we recently after about 4 years of having the land got a letter from county saying code violations of different sorta from potable water, grey water, and building codes etc...    we have solutions for some of are issues and are still waiting to here back from county with more specifics. We have rv and implement structures under 200 sq ft we recreate here and have farm helpers etc. They are saying there can only be 2 dwellings on property etc.... just wondering if anyone else here has dealt with these types of issues and has rhetoric/ideasloop holes/ ways around the rigmarole or just personelstories that bodes well with the county just not trying to fuck us over

Hi Matthew,

I would definitely try making a post elsewhere on permies that is specific to these issues. Also, I'm sure we have existing threads that provide ideas about how to deal with this. Unfortunately I haven't had much interaction with the county so I don't have any strategies here.
3 weeks ago
Raw or for canning?
3 weeks ago