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I've just donated. Hope it helps
5 years ago
I'm hoping that this will get to you and you'll be able to help. The rewards are not as promised (InhabitFilm thread) and I haven't had any response.


I supported the kickstarter for this film and while I enjoyed it very much, they haven't actually fulfilled the promise that was given at my level (unless I'm being stupid which is a possibility). I have tried contacting them (on kickstarter through comments and a message and also at the contact page) but have had no response so far which is frustrating although maybe it's because they are so busy with the release and so on. I hope so but I'm left feeling a bit flat. Below are my main gripes. I write these not (just) to whinge and moan but also to see if anyone else has experienced this sort of issue.

I have an email from when I supported the project outlining my rewards as follows:

SPECIAL EDITION DVD: you will receive a signed hard copy of the DVD including (I have the dvd but it is not signed. No biggie but it is not as advertised)
3 hours of extended footage from the site tours! (from what I can see there are just under 55 minutes of additional footage, not 3 hours. This is my main gripe as this is the reason I supported at the level that I did)
+ a digital copy (I have this. Yay)
+ hi-res photos. (Could not find these)
Thank you for the support!
Dec 2014 (Late but this was an estimate so whatever. happy to wait for a better product)

Also, unless there is footage from a site tour in my missing 2 hours, putting Geoff Lawton's name on this seems a bit much. I think it was about 15 seconds of him talking with agricultural footage in the background. I was assuming (my bad I guess) that there'd be a bit of footage with him talking about and showing us Zaytuna farm or other projects he's been involved in.

Am I really being a dummy or have others had a similar experience?

As it stands currently, I would recommend the film but probably won't support another kickstarter for these guys and will just wait until a release and get the film for $8 instead of $50.
Ah the delightful mystery of not knowing. Exciting, tantalizing with just a frisson vulnerability. Like dirty-cup-csi.....but in a good way. Thanks so much for answering Burra. And so quickly. Much appreciated
Hi all, I got my first ever apple yesterday (woohoo) and I wondered if there is a way of telling who actually awarded me the apple? I apologize if I'm being stupid or have skipped over the part of this thread that tells me. I've had at least a glance around but couldn't see how to do this (if it is possible). Maybe it's deliberate. Anyway, I just thought it would be cool if I could find out. I'll survive and maybe even still thrive if there is not a way of doing this.


Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I recently bought the World Domination Gardening downloads (I like to watch stuff on a tablet on the train) and have to say I really love them. Small money for an amazing amount of information. I guess the format is not for everyone but personally, I loved seeing Paul in action and actually seeing the theories put into practise. his stream of consciousness is a joy to behold and I also enjoy that he embraces the full beauty of the English language. I found these videos to be much more useful than a pure, theoretical instructional. For the small amount of money paid I feel like there is a great deal of value. Where else can you get over 6 hours of content for $45 (about £20 for us England folks).

I am on the latest Rocket Mass heater kickstarter and will doubtless be a contented sucker for any future kickstarters Paul puts out.

Paul, keep fighting the good fight in comfy overalls and the snug reassurance that you are doing fine work.
Whoa, this is my first post. Hi guys. I'm in the UK and although I have not yet tried this yet, it is definitely something I am interested in. There's unusual fruits and then there's....juicy stems? Interesting. Anyway, I know that Jungle Seeds over here does the seeds ( as well as chiltern seedfs ( so may be handy for any UK growers but not sure if they can ship to the US.

Thanks to all for the advice on scarification. I look forward to trying to grow these soon and posting any more info I have.
6 years ago