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Recent posts by Burhan Qadri

I was born in Northern India (Kashmir), up in the Himalayan Mountains. Live in Calgary Alberta, Canada now. I am an Industrial Electrician , a PLC Programmer and fix manufacturing machines for a living.
I am fascinated by Rocket Stoves. I am planning to do a Project in August 2015 when I am on a vacation to my birthplace. Heating houses is a HUGE problem there!
Limited Electricity and limited access to Fossil fuels is an every day problem.
I have started on working on designs that will work in a place like remote India.
I have bought some books from Scubbly. Ericas - The Art of Fire was nice. Watched tons of videos on youtube. I have started to build a small pipe rocket stove.

I thought this forum is really good for the kind of work I want to do.

My real challenge is going to be to find insulating material that is easily available there.

My questions are:
1: How good are ordinary construction bricks compared to special furnace bricks.
2: What can be an alternative to Perlite? Clay mixed with charcoal dust / wood ash ??
3: What are the most important things to consider to make sure no smoke gets into the space room rocket heater?


5 years ago