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Recent posts by Danny Be

Or someone knowledgeable willing to drive to central Iowa?
5 years ago

I have 10 hilly acres in central Iowa and would like some help designing it. Can you guys point me in the right direction of who might be willing to come out here??
My future goals are: Food forest, water management, small animal grazing, pond building, garden location, plant propagation.....

About all I've found so far is Grant Shultz/Versaland on the web but haven't contacted them yet.

Any info would be appreciated.

5 years ago

David Goodman wrote:I have read that dormant cuttings of one-year-old wood can be taken. Use about 12" long pieces, dip the ends in rooting hormone, then bury them 2/3rds deep in a trench in a moist, shady location. As they break dormancy they should root as well. Give them a good long time before moving, however, as the roots may be quite tiny at the beginning.

How long do you think they should be left in the shady area? A full year? Till spring?

I'll look into the clamshell and air layering. My only concern is that I don't own these old cherry trees. One is in an empty farm lot and the other is at my in-laws which is a few hours away.

I'll also look for suckers popping up too.

Maybe some day I'll learn how to do grafting too

5 years ago
Sooooo for starters I'm very new to growing things. I would like to know how to take some cuttings off of two cherry trees near me.

They are of the edible kind but have not clue what variety.

I've read conflicting info all over the internet and have some questions.

When is the best time to take cuttings from the trees? When dormant or early spring....

What growing medium or mix should I use? I've heard about putting them in the ground with sand in the winter, or using all peat moss, or compost or perlite or any variation of all of the above

What size container should I use? 12" pots?? 6"??

Also when taking the cutting I cut the top of the cutting at an angle but the bottom straight? Which end do I stick in the soil?

Thanks all! I really appreciate any info.

5 years ago