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Mj Lacey wrote:

This looks like it would be quite easy to fabricate at home - for much less that the $90 price point, discounted from $120 for backing.

Definitely, you could just dig pit and put a pallet on it and tada... but its not quite the same feel  :D

well what I like about it is that it is made to last and its easy, and can go mainstream which can get more people growing their own food etc :)
1 month ago
This i how they actually look like

1 month ago

How cool are these!!! have you spotted them yet???  no its not the girls!!!  The compost bins are actually the benches and they feed the planters around them :D
I had an idea like this ages ago although i never got around to actually doing anything about it. I was going to use a bath tub worm farm system with a wooden lid as a bench, but this is far better.

they are doing a Croud fund to get this out on the market!

Here is the link if you want to

1 month ago

New trailer from Geoff Lawton watch the full video Here...

3 months ago

Peter van den Berg wrote: it is worth a congratulation!

1 year ago
doing a face to face pdc, internship or workshops is great too you make heaps of contacts and instant friends...   i just thought the online course is un comparable in terms of actual learning as you can watch it over and over until it all sinks in

Hi Joe

I have to say i think the next level of permaculture education is by far Geoff Lawton's online course.. its the most in depth interactive high quality permaculture course in existance.
I took his first online course and i thought it was great but the 2017 new online course blows everything out of the water, its got animated versions of the diagrams form the designers manual 350+ if im not mistaken and video Q&A Feedback from Geoff.  
The next one will be starting soon i would imagine as the last one has just finished... but you can allready access his free online material the permaculture circle on:

thats my recomendation

Peter van den Berg wrote:You don't mention the exhaust pipe temperature, this could be interesting. And I spotted a possible flaw: the inlet and exhaust of the barrel bell are on the same level. With such a tight bell I would regard it best to elevate the hot inlet just above the level of the exhaust opening. Having both pipes at the same level bares the risk of short cutting by the hot gases.

Hi Peter

it was still kicking out a fair bit of heat about 100 ºC so there is definitely room for improvement maybe would be good to channel the pipe through a Mass bench around the floor.
The exposed parts of the inlet pipe that connects the heat raiser to the barrels was about 400 ºC the rest was insulated with rock wool
Regarding the inlet pipe. It enters at the bottom of the barrel next to the exhaust but has a elbow on the inside that takes the pipe up to about the top of the first barrel.
I was hoping that that would be enough to have the hot air rise and not go straight out of the exhaust. Perhaps that should be higher.

I know I was warned to not let the exhaust leak out in to the shed for health and safety reasons... thats how it ended up
there are slits in the roof so the exhaust would leak out from the shed from that but it would still fill the shed up with some of the exaust.
not ideal but at the time we didnt get a chance to cut a hole for the exaust.   this will be contributing some to the ambient heat of the room I think ..
1 year ago
Here is a a video showing how the temprature goin up to 174 ... it eventualy whent up to 200+  and ambent temprature of 70 in the shed

Here is when we show willie the project

(From Willies Twitter)
Willie Smits:

With Olof and Anna in front of their latest Permies project to help local people with an efficient drying method!

1 year ago