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Recent posts by Marshall Ashworth

For me it's all about bad timing; I get paid fortnightly. The campaign started the weekend after I'd already paid bills and ended within days of getting paid again. So no bonus materials for me this time. I'm holding out hoping the next kickstarter I'll be more prepared and it might include the previous materials and i can play catch up. Although right now I'm not on my forever site, i really really want to add a completely independent outdoor kitchen with the rocket assisted dehydrator, stove+oven and rocket mass water heater at the center of my project plan so that there is an alternative if all hell breaks loose (see current events)

I would have loved to have made the $65 pledge but just didn't meet the cut-off sadly.
1 year ago
URGH i was not prepared for it to be this week only !!!
I hate these flash kickstarters I never have money when they happen    ^_^

I really really wanted to back this one but with the exchange rate i won't have enough to do the $65 option with the plans with my stupid budget for the rest of this month.
Sigh, time to temper expectations and go lower tier again   :(

Unfortunately someone with sticky fingers at work stole my phone while i was helping to move the office furniture; so i had to buy a new phone otherwise i'd have enough.
The fates are trying to stop me from getting my hands on the plans to build the ultimate indoor kitchen of my dreams !!!

World domination plans postponed until the next kickstarter.

Next time we need a rocket assisted biogas generator with a rocket kitchen and mass hot water heater built in.
Exactly how much can we milk out of a tiny bit of wood... I challenge theeeeeeeeee
2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:I suppose I should say that there is currently an upgrade so you can download from this server - and i have no idea what "supports resume" is.

so that if the download gets interrupted (wifi / internet connection dies) the download resumes from where it left off of instead of restarting from the beginning
5 years ago

If its not a permalink then is there any way to be able to upgrade to the download version on a server that supports resume?

There is currently a way to upgrade to a download from this server.  

okay i might look at this, i can't even get through one watch online, i hesistate to try watch it again with the internet being like this.
Thanks duke !  ^_^
5 years ago
how long will we keep access to the HD streaming versions?

I'm having massive problems trying to even play the vimeo videos, i emailed them but still haven't got a reply. When trying to view the videos on my tablet (android 4.4) i am getting error messages or the video plays 5 - 10 mins in and then my mobile data drops off for a second and the whole thing just crashes and i have to refresh the video. Where i am at the moment we don't have "wifi hotspots" because i'm in a small town and until i can find a more permanent block of land to rent and get ADSL i'm stuck with what i have.

If its not a permalink then is there any way to be able to upgrade to the download version on a server that supports resume?
5 years ago
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas on things i haven't tried yet.

Whether some of you epic level permaculture geniuses and clever people might have ideas. I suffer yearly from hay fever, from spring right through to the last two weeks of autumn. I have tried many times to stop taking the dreaded pharmaceutical drugs but have failed miserably. Even when i do take those, i end up on either a severely heavy dose or become a hermit. I take about 40mg of Zetop 10mg Tablets [Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg] and doses (as needed) of Becloclear 12 Hour Nasal Spray [Beclometasone dipropionate 50 ug/dose]

First i'd like to point out that during the summer i AVOID like the plague any of the pollen dependent fruits like tomato etc., and almost all of the berry and melon families. With the exception being heat treated canned fruits.

I live in that upside down place called the Southern Hemisphere so keep in mind that while you are going into Summer, we already left it.

Whenever i go outside i use a respirator mask with HEPA filters while on these remedies :
PERMAGANIC Ginger, garlic, turmeric (25g each a day / one bulb a day, 10g a day respectively) - As pointed out by my naturopath the turmeric and ginger levels were way too high to maintain long term and i discontinued this except for maybe a dose a week
Full body clothing and a cloth face mask while indoors
I discovered the end of last year that running a essential oils mister with just water in it was helping a lot (someone here suggested that) while indoors but as soon as i went outdoors and came in with any trace of pollen on me it was all over.
Washing myself 3 - 4 times daily; changing clothes each time (which obviously being between off-grid and on-grid is excessively wasteful)
I have also tried eating honey comb in the down season to build up my immunity (someone suggested maybe the shock of going from allowing the pollen to leave my system completely was triggering it and i never recovered from that initial blast but this just seemed to make no difference this year gone)

FYI in case you're wondering yes i do get some weird looks; i obviously don't goto the store anymore during pollen season, and the neighbours at first thought i was some sort of premature SHTF dooms day nut job until one week i broke my mask and spent days sneezing my head of and running back and forth with blood noses.

This hasn't stopped my determination to keep my garden going though; and I'm still heavily involved in keeping up gardening. My naturopath has also referred me to a doctor a number of times and i have diminished lung capacity in one lung.

Now before you say it, i am not stupidly putting the mask on weeks before the pollen season even starts and not giving my immune system a chance to work, what i've been doing is waiting until i start getting raw nasal canals and then starting it once the risk of blood noses ensues.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for being a difficult case (and hopefully not the first one of these threads you review)

Hugs and PIE to all,
6 years ago
Hello all

I'm looking for a like-minded man to accompany me on this journey that is self sustainable existence.
Looking for love in all the wrong places and finally caved and posting here in hopes that something might change

Life has handed me a lifetime supply of lemons and I'm still here !
6 years ago
hmm appears we've moved it back to again ... the links are empty ^_^
8 years ago