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Just upped from $100 to $200 and it sent the amount over $95k!!!
4 months ago

Emilie McVey wrote:Regarding mulch, does anyone know of free options?  

The "mulch" at our township public works center is chopped up branches and sticks.  They still look like branches and sticks, although now in 2-4" lengths and up to about 1" diameter.  I've used it, once. Not really what I'm looking for in my veggie, or flower, garden.

I don't have much access to newspaper anymore, and I was never comfortable with the dyes anyway.  My fall leaves have all decomposed or blown away.


Have you looked into chipdrop? It’s an online service set up to give arborists a place to get rid of wood chips without having to pay the dump.

Jeff Marchand wrote:I find wood chips to be very useful on my farm.  They make excellent animal bedding and provide lots of carbon when bedding+manure is composted. I burn them in my Sedore wood stove. I use them to mulch garden paths and around my vegetables after Ive top dressed with compost.  
To me chipping waste wood adds value and so a wood chipper is a valuable piece of equipment.

I’m of the same mindset. I have plenty of wood on my property, I chip it, I burn it, I bury it, I even sell it. I love my wood chipper, probably the best 5k I spent.
1 year ago