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Recent posts by Pia Jensen

awesome, thanks Rick, got the kindle link today, just now, will read later and provide feedback as suggested above, over the weekend or early next week, Thank You. Much appreciated.
8 years ago
feeling sad I have not yet received my copy via email....
8 years ago
I did an e-book recently - take caution with pics - the sale price is super high with pics and author gets little.... (my book sale price with three full color pics 12.99 and I get less than $3 on sale)

perhaps consider alternative - reference another space/internet you "own" with the pics for buyers of the book?

Stephen Shade wrote:

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:I got the free e-book and started reading yesterday. I saw some useful tips, but also some I couldn't use here in the Netherlands (f.e. other plants growing here, other climate).
One thing I missed: images, pictures, illustrations! I'm an illustrator myself and I like to 'see', not only read ...

I agree. I love images too. I am working on the illustrated addition of the book now. Hoping to release it this fall. Join my email list to get updates on it's release.

awesome cool, thank you!

looks great, so far, but... amazon says it is not eligible for review yet, tho...
Possible future volcanic activity will prolly be the end (or, a new island) out there in the middle of the watery nowhere. lol...

"Since all the swarm-related events have sources closer to the island than expected from previous studies of the Pitcairn hotspot, we propose the activity may be related to a new expression of this hotspot." Pitcairn Earthquake Swarms

Rhys Firth wrote:

Gypsy Brokenwings wrote: To top it off they're on tectonic plates that make West Coast earthquakes look like infants.

Eh What?

They're way out in the middle of the Pacific Plate! even the Hawai'i islands are the result of a localised hot spot heating up the plate floor and bubbling though, not a quake producing crack or split in the crust!

Sitting WAY out there in the middle of the plate is the LEAST likely place to experience earthquakes!

Are you sure you're not talking about the Japanese islands or here in NZ sitting on the Ring of Fire?

I know that isn't natural or acceptable to some, but, it works - if you really need to grow non-natives.
8 years ago
manage seasonal light - commercial growers use different techniques - black out systems or start under artificial light then give natural daylight hours. Then, cut light hours.

I was contemplating a blackout system at one time for a certain crop - black cover/total shade out to cut hours of daylight then allow full hours

Or, try growing under short light hours (controlled for progressive change) then place outside to induce natural maturation and then cover to induce flower maturation.
8 years ago