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I was just looking up some info I remembered on VersaLand and came across this blog post from the property owners I think it is an interesting perspective from the other side of the coin. Seeing the pictures of the land after Grant left really do make me sad for the state it was left in.
2 months ago
While the earth does have a GREAT seed bank that can be useful to heal the wounds that are placed upon it. It can be useful to purchase seeds to speed up the healing process or to introduce some key plants that can help move things along in a direction of your choice.

For example you may want to introduce some HIGH protein clover to your pasture instead of any clover. Or you may want to introduce some preferred grass species that have a better digestibility rating then the native species that would show up.

Another example is that if you had seeded the pipeline the day after you filled it in you may have gotten some plants growing within the week.

I hope this helps you understand why it can be useful to purchase the seeds instead of just letting things grow.
4 months ago
That makes sense as the people who who write more reviews move further to the left (can't remember where that was written but i think it was Nicole's tutorial.

So those people who write more reviews are highlighted and those with fewer reviews fall off the chart.
11 months ago
I like Mike's text

And yes Nicole I was thinking of it being in the Wiki portion of the review to help people know what they should do to respond/add a review to the thread.

I am wondering if you should add to your how to (and everyone creating an initial review page should add) a couple lines at the end of the review stating:

To add a review please start your post with "I give this tree nursery X out of 10 acorns"

To see a listing of all the reviews like this one please see here


That way everyone can know how to do the review and how to find the whole list of reviews.

Also can you add your how to to the review grid? The way people will see how to add entries to the grid?
Thanks Nicole,

That makes life easier
1 year ago
David, does it matter that i said seed source or can i say tree nursery?
1 year ago
I created a review for St. Lawrence Nurseries which is a zone 3 tree/shrub nursery. Hopefully I did this right.
I give this tree nursery 7 out of 10 acorns

The website is dated but the varieties and quality of the trees is really good. They have a LOT of different types of Apple, Plum and  Pear trees (enough to fill their own catalogues). They also have a bunch of other shrubs and trees that are really interesting.

I have purchased a bunch of Pear, Apple, Plum and Apricot trees from them. They are growing now for 2 winters. Since everything is on Full Size root stock I may have to wait a few more years to get fruit but once they start fruiting I should get fruit for many years.

One of the best things about this nursery is that everything is grown in a colder climate zone (3) then me so I know it will live through the winters here.
1 year ago
St. Lawrence Nurseries is a tree nursery that is located in Potsdam, NY.

Website (which is quite basic)

They are at zone 3 with MANY varieties of trees (though they are building up their variety list after the ownership transition in 2015.

One unique tree that they have is the Sweet Sap  Silver Maple - has 3-5% sugar content which is higher then Sugar Maples.

If you'd like to add your own review, please have the first sentence be "I give this _______ X out of 10 acorns."
Here's a Tutorial.  Your review will then end up on the Official Seed and Plant Source Review Grid
1 year ago