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I'm fairly new here and as I was reading through a couple of thoughts struck me.

1) There are permie playing cards? Where's the link?!

2) Someone mentioned about getting the word out about permaculture. I'm a Master Gardener - there are MG groups all over the place in the USA. Probably a group for each county. They are ALWAYS looking for guest speakers. If someone is willing to volunteer for an hour or two to talk. Include a fun game towards the end using the cards, then have them for purchase at $5 or so. Word would spread. They don't teach permaculture - it would be a great addition.
My husband and I moved to 4.85 acres in Perris, California about 4 years ago. He works full time and I take care of the property and animals.

I've been raising chickens for eggs and meat, a pig once so far, and I would like more as I'm looking to breed them. We have goats for milk and the cuteness factor. Rabbits that we separated after giving all the babies away – they are a back up plan in case the SHTF. As well as cats and dogs who are indoor/outdoor. I'm currently working on building a couple of aquaponics systems and wicking beds.

My dream is to turn our property into a food forest and to use it as a way to teach others. Our California drought has me scared, but my husband's job is here and we can't move – I've been trying for years, but to no avail. I want to transform our landscape, and better survive whatever comes our way.

I'm looking for volunteers who are hard working and responsible and with a background in Permaculture who would like to help me plan and work to turn this property into a food forest. I am expecting this to be a 2 to 3 year project, so I'm hoping to find one or two special people who would help me see this project from start to finish... and possibly beyond. If you have other skills, that's a huge plus. Oh, and this is critical, no smokers. (Please don't bash me.)

Once the landscape is underway, I'd also like to invite speakers and teachers to come and teach on a multitude of different topics. This include natural building – straw bale, earth bag, cob, etc. Soap making, Mead making, canning, wicking beds, aquaponics, cheese making, fodder systems, butchering chickens...

I prefer to scavenge for resources that are other peoples discards. This includes wood, pallets, bricks, blocks, etc. We recycle just about everything and are amazed at the amount of materials that are discarded.

If this sounds like something that you'd like to be a part of, please contact me.

5 years ago