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Mindful Earth Farm located just outside Ashland, Oregon has an opening for an aspiring farmer to learn and practice permaculture under the collective guidance of two seasoned permaculture farmers, Chris Hardy and Tenasi Rama and an apprenticing herbalist, Danita Virga. Thru application of organic agro-ecology and regenerative soil alchemy techniques, the Mindful Earth Farming team has initiated a 7 year plan of ecological restoration and proliferation of our 5 acre sub-urban farm and a quarter acre wetland urban food-forest in Ashland, with the potential of stewarding additional sites in and around Ashland Oregon.
On-site housing in a tipi will be provided along with garden-fresh food and a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, as well as a healthy end of year bonus awarded for successful participation thru the end of the growing season, May 1 thru October 31. This unique opportunity will allow the selected permie to participate and gain experience in :
Bio-Intensive annual agriculture and seed-saving –
Food-forest cultivation and nursery propagation -
Medicinal herb cultivation and processing – both western and eastern
Soil Alchemy – thru practicing biological soil enhancement
Wild medicinal / edible harvesting – exploring the bio-diverse So Oregon wilderness
Horse boarding and pasture management – with plenty of opportunity to ride
Irrigation installation and water management-
Traditional & natural building -

The ideal applicant already has completed a PDC or equivalent permaculture education and has acquired practical work experience. This is not a course, but an opportunity for an aspiring farmer to gain a higher level of mastery thru working with and under the guidance of the Mindful Earth Farm Team.
Please submit a letter of intent with a resume, and references.
4 years ago