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Confession: I watch shark tank

I saw on the recent episode about a company called PittMoss that makes a soil additive made out of recycled newspaper. It sells for less than the cost of peat moss and is supposed to hold water better as well.

It would be nice if people buy into this concept and stop using peat moss. It's not local but the way I see is that this is better.

Your thoughts?
5 years ago
Thanks for the replies. I am growing beans, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, kale, daikon, herbs, and whatever else I can. I would like to do inter planting of beds and keep it curvy and more natural looking.

Thanks for the advice on tilling and manure. I was hoping it is okay to till once this year. At the end of the year when i have more leaves I can add those as mulch. My issue with sheet mulching is the amount of material it would take to fill the area, since it is not at my house I would have to make many many trips too and from the location to haul in all of the compost, leaves, straw.

Maybe I will try to sheet mulch a small area each year. I plan on keeping the plot for many years so I don't mind having a more long term plan/goal in mind. I also would like to try to get some crops this summer. In my area I can plant in about 2-3 weeks (or now for sugar snap peas and colder crops)

I also bought some cover crops that I was going to plant just to increase biomass and use as mulch in the sheet mulching process at the end of the year. My thought was to grow things on site instead of haul them in


Newbie here. I have a new community garden plot. I asked them not to till it, because I didn't want to disturb the micro organisms. I live in Ohio 6b and want to have a veggie garden. Sheet mulching this amount of space is too big for me, so I was thinking about planting some veggies and cover crops and doing chop and drop and slowly improving the soil.

Would you recommend me doing one initial till to get started? Or are all the dandelions and grass okay for long term veggie garden?

would love some advice!!