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since Apr 18, 2015
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Door County, WI
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Hey, Peter. I like your vid on cigarette butt remediation, and I'm wondering if there are any chemicals that you can think of to act as a precursor to train oyster mushrooms to remediate inherent pesticide and chemical buildup on old orchard sites? There are a lot of old orchards around this area, and its hard to trust fruit from a tree that is old enough to have most likely been sprayed or dusted with things like lead arsenide and calcium arsenate. What are your thoughts on heavy metal remediation?
4 years ago
I've helped out with a bloomery smelt and two crucible steel smelts, all of which involved electric blowers, industrial firebrick, beer, and lots and lots and lots of burning carbon (coke). I enjoyed myself, but felt a little greasy after taking part in such dirty, industrial processes. In my mind's eye, I'm seeing the whole process revamped to include more community involvement, as well as removing the fire in favor of solar heat from a parabolic mirror/ Fresnel lens combo. I think I'll still include the beer, though... DIY organic free-range beer? A community of like-minded individuals with the clean production of iron and steel, either forged into tools and such onsite or sold as a raw material to eco-savvy blacksmiths, as a common goal. Nail-making, iron gates, etc., with a forest garden backdrop. Can I get an A-men, bothers and sisters?
4 years ago

Kevin Wilson wrote: Hairy Bittercress.

High five, Kev. +1 props
4 years ago

Ben Johansen wrote:sometimes watercress can sometimes resemble Shepherd's purse

Hehehe double sometimes, so you know its good.
4 years ago
This really interests me, is anybody else out there into small-batch smelting?


4 years ago
Steven, hey. I'm not sure how well cardboard is going to work as a mulch for ramps, we get em wild here, and they spread out to form dense colonies under the maple trees that they seem to get along so well with. The leaf cover is dense in the spring, but not nearly so dense and light-proof as cardboard. Maybe try a thick mulch of leaves if you can find em, or a couple layers of newspaper? Otherwise, it would make sense to me to try and plant blueberries, lay down cardboard to subjugate the goatweed for this year's growing season, pull cardboard up in the fall and plant ramps under a mulch layer of something lighter so they can bring you leeky goodness next spring.
4 years ago
Sheep sorrel is the first thing that's popping in my head, but I don't think that's what it is. Do you have any pic of the older plants, maybe with flowers or seedheads?
4 years ago