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Recent posts by mary jayne richmond

We have a neighbor that composts fish from the local fisherman, and uses wood chips keeps turning for about a month and has beautiful compost. He calls it fish and chips 😂
1 month ago
How will you use the paste? Is it ment To be put in with soups and stews or eaten raw?
2 months ago
The best we,ve done is to use a light weight remay fabric and cover them, that is the only thing that has worked. Make a small tunnel to cover them
4 months ago
We go barefoot most of the summer, does anyone have an idea for a foot wash station that doesn't, require a hose and running water. We seem to track in A LOT of dirt and debri , like grass. Our grass will stay wet till noon most days so our feet are wet,and tend to pick up a lot of stuff
2 years ago
Mikejay,  we put our potatoes and apples in milk crates, the apples go on the top shelves and the potatoes are on the lower shelves, my apples keep until about mid march and i've had potatoes keep into july.
3 years ago
We have  never had any problems with storing potatoes and apples together. We put the apples on the top shelf. We  use our apples my March and our potatoes stay good till late june

3 years ago
the one in the bottom picture is magenta lambs quarters , i grow these, i use these for spring lettuce
3 years ago
i've taken "scrap wool" and spun it up and then make rugs on a peg loom. a very good use for scrapes
3 years ago