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Aaron White

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since Jun 17, 2015
Midlands of South Carolina - 8a/7b
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Have you looked into Gulf Coast Native Sheep?  They are an American breed of sheep "native" to the Southeast gulf coast.  This also being an area where Bermuda grass thrives it seems like the two might go well together.

They supposedly have a very good quality meat, good wool, and can even be milked.  I am hoping to give them a try here in South Carolina eventually, hoping they can put up with our heat and humidity and all that goes with it better than most other wool breeds.

Mike Barkley wrote:Not so sure that's a T-10 parachute. Looks more like a reserve chute. Vintage eh? Making me feel old. Jumped the T-10 & it's replacement. MC1-1B I believe it was called.

Mike, I think you are right in that being a reserve chute pull handle.  The T-10 main chute was designed with the cord hook up that deployed the chute as you went out the door.  The reserve chute had that handle so that after counting to four if your main chute didn't open wide you could pull the reserve at your side.  Or so the jumpmasters in the 82nd would tell us.
8 months ago
My family and I have bought 38 acres of forested land in South Carolina and are in the process of building our home out there. We will be starting our homestead on the property hopefully next spring. As part of this I am looking into learning to hunt to provide food for my family. I would like to get into bow hunting but have no idea where to start. I have little to no hunting experience but am committed to learning this skill. I have thought about getting a rifle for hunting but something about the bow just appeals to me more. (I will probably still get a .22 rim fire rifle for general use around the homestead though).

Anyway any suggestion on where to get started and how to get smart on bow hunting would be appreciated.

General questions:
1. What kind of gear do I need?
2. Do I need a compound bow or can I hunt with a recurve? (Primarily white tail deer hunting, turkey hunting, and maybe some smaller game)

Thank you for your advice and thoughts.
3 years ago
As someone just considering getting into goats it is so nice to hear from people who love having them. I run across so many people talking about all the difficulty they had with goats, all the horror stories of goats getting out, etc. that it is discouraging some times. After reading the above comments I can not wait to get out onto my land and get my own goats.
Totally off topic here, but I have to say Kurt those are some fine looking goats.