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The second huckleberry bush had better soil, and it had some sparkling white dots in it, almost like crystals. Could this be the fungi?
Smells very rich and fresh, and filling the room while I type this.
2 years ago
"I'm surprised that it was able to wash down, generally soil microbes stick to the soil and are resistant to being moved."
Maybe the blueberries were sending out exudae (is this a word?) calling to the fungi, and they responded. ☺
I'm planting blueberry shrubs today and grateful for the info in this thread. Going out to find a wild huckleberry close by, and robbing it of a couple cc's of soil. Will mix it with the bag of organic compost purchased for the job. Cheers!
2 years ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Dianne, I think you need at least one apple to vote. I just gave you one. Does the voting work for you now?

Yes! Thanks Nicole 😃
3 years ago
Not sure how to vote, but mine goes towards wheelbarrows. I have three! And all were in use today as I turned the contents of my speedibin.
Close second has to be a smallish rubbermaid bin, commonly used for washing dishes. I guess i like to move things around, things like compost, leaves, wood chips, and weeds. The bin and the wheelbarrow are often a team with the bin close at hand for collecting and distributing, and the wheelbarrow to move it.
Cheers! DG
3 years ago
There's some lambs quarters with a thick infestation of dark aphids right upslope from some lush tomato plants in my cedar hugel.  I haven't seen any in the tomatoes. I left them there,  hoping to feed the ladybugs,  not thinking they might like the tomatoes too. So far so good.  Anyway, maybe they prefer the lambs quarters? Is this a thing?  Like a sacrificial anode to prevent rust. Just an idea.
4 years ago
My little hugels have really taken off this year, even the one using cedar.  How are things with you others?
4 years ago
This email feature seems to be designed for people just like me. I love it. I'm relatively new to the idea of permaculture, don't have a lot of time, and it's great to have knowledgeable people pointing out interesting threads that I've missed. Especially the older ones. Thanks so much!
Thanks Marco, that's a great idea. We could pile it up in a corner for now.

Re swales and hydrology - do you have a resource your would recommend?
4 years ago
We also have a small (2.5 acres) site near Victoria, BC that I'm puzzling over. Where to start? There's so much to learn. I'm pretty grateful for this website because it feels like many of the answers are here.

I guess water is one of the most important things to design for. We have very dry summers and wet winters, about 40" per year. The land is rectangular, about twice as long as it is wide, with a road on the north-west side. It's slightly bowl shaped with a run out the bottom of the bowl to the north-east. The highest to the lowest elevation is probably not more than 20' with the high spot at the south corner and the low spot about in the middle. At the north corner, there's a high-production well that belongs to the local acreage community, which we are on the edge of. The well water is great but I would prefer not to depend on it for irrigation in the long term.

There is nothing on it at the moment, just grass that gets cut for hay by our neighbor, with a few deer and rabbits and other critters around. And there are two huge fir(?) trees at the east corner. Except for a small area in the south corner, the soil is mostly clay (failed perc tests everywhere else).

I'm trying to determine where the best place is to put a pond. We've mapped one contour line at my best guess of the keypoint (according to my vague idea of keyline design) but it doesn't seem like a good place for a pond, too low, not really any kind of valley, more like a corner. I'd like to map another line at a higher contour and try to collect water from it into a higher pond, for possible irrigation of the bowl. We'd like a small house, a big shop (my husband has a milling machine), a pond, lots of trees, and about half an acre of organic vegetable garden for us and to sell. I'd like to raise a few chickens for eggs and feed them from the site. I really like the idea of hugels - we have two mounds now in our city lot that are growing veggies like crazy at the moment. I can imagine courses of hugels extending all around the property, channeling water from the pond via gates. But that might be a bit optimistic!

Anyway, I know I have lots to learn and am just scratching the surface. I'm looking forward to seeing more about Ross's book, it might be just what I need.
4 years ago
Great topic! Please keep posting. Thanks
5 years ago