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Jeff Imray

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since Jul 10, 2015
I have 1/2 acre in Vista and I'm ecstatic! Gardens, seeds and trees!
Vista California
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I would rethink San Diego, They shut down San Onofre 3 years ago now its just a huge storage for Nuclear Waste. I live in north county and its 70 everyday. If you dig deep the #1 weather in the USA is Vista California and it rates #5 in the world. The key is to live on a hill so you don't get a frost(and no apples). I go to Tuscon often and its weather is nice but a whole lot tougher than San Diego. De Luz is a town in north county that is cheaper but it is still spendy out here...
6 months ago
Next time anyone is traveling to San Diego come stay at my ranch home with a small food forest!! My AirBNB It's small house on half acre!!
9 months ago
There are a bunch of great sites in San Diego. Most of the ones I know of are in North County:

I have a 1/2 acre site in Vista that is off the hook!!!ha

Finch Frolic Garden is pretty amazing

If you are down for hanging with cool burners that are into sustainability

Some amazing projects done by these guys in fancy neighborhoods

Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery is not to permie but it is classic

Terra Madre Gardens has an amazing passion fruit tunnels.

Sky Mountain, I've never been but i here it is dreamy
1 year ago