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since Jul 18, 2015
Terminally single, 40 years old, male. In my 5th year diving in and going off-grid/as sustainable and self-reliant as possible- developing a small(6acre) piece of destitute/overgrown land with two hands and limited tools and equipment. Solar, composting toilet, rain-water collection, etc... Permaculture entered the picture as a necessity. It took me a long time to realize I was trying to manipulate nature to serve my 'needs' in the edibles department. Still learning, but making headway(I think).

Mostly here to read posts that (hopefully) address my questions and hah... maybe find a partner in all this.
SouthEast Oklahoma
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Here's my latest, greatest private message/moosage:

I don't like you, I think you have a mental problem.

Interestingly, I find the same shoe fits when I wear it myself. I don't honestly know what happened to people...

I think I prefer my 'mental problem', thanks.
5 months ago
Well I could certainly use a lot of help these days. Sent a pm, you never know, right?

Not sure I'll train Bob to hitch or draft at all- it would require a whole new set of gear. She's still growing, but starting to come around a bit. I've got myself wondering 'what the heck was I thinking?' 850lbs+ and not remotely halter or even green broke? Scared of two-leggers to boot?

Have I ever mentioned that I like a challenge?
6 months ago
I want to thank those who've responded to me here and in private who have expressed interest, well wishes and 'gasp' advice.

Though I still haven't found anyone- it is nice to hear from people who have such kind words to say.

If anyone's still interested- things are going well out here. Making progress, albeit still more slowly than I could ever imagine. I finally sold the truck after not driving it for nearly a year and am now able to check that goal off the list. I've also acquired one final piece of the equine puzzle- a pretty, but shy one year old mare-mule. She had a rough life(who of my critters hadn't?) and was tied for months in the corner of a stall as she liked chasing calves. Never been handled and covered with scars... she's coming around nicely and should prove a good rider in another couple years.

Life is good. It's less difficult than ever to understand that every day is a good one- whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

Best wishes and luck to you all.
7 months ago
Thanks for the kind words and interest... but I haven't the slightest inclination in leaving this place that I love so dearly... it's my life-long commitment, the sanctity of my soul and mind, my father, my mother, my peace and the definition of my very being.

Besides, it's successful. It works- even if it is rather sloppy around the edges. I have been doing this long enough to see numerous folk trying to do the same and the ensuing crash and burn.

I'll die here. With a grin on my face and likely a shovel in my hand.

Best of luck to you in your version, though.
Hi all...

Vicci- I sent you a pm,

As for the whole documentary thing- I honestly can't see how it would serve anyone to sit around and watch TV shows about other people doing things.

And Michelle? VERY interesting timing. I have been mulling over that very same concept for some time now. Logistics is the huge difficulty I'm faced with as well as the numerous 'horror stories' I've heard from both ends of other people experienced in such things... that compounded(no pun intended) with the 'prepper inside me' seem to present a number of potential hurdles.

The kid in me still likes the frosted side.

That all said... I'm not dissuaded(when am I ever?) and am attempting even now to pursue it. Just not entirely sure how to go about it and how to navigate the inherent obstacles.

As always- hoping you all are well, and life is not only palatable but sweet.
Is it possible to search online locally for someone willing to 'rent' or trade you services? Or could you resell the ram for or near your initial purchase price when you were finished with him(I feel terrible typing that, hah)?

My rams(blackbellies) don't tend to make it 'up in age' before they're tabled or sold... but at 3 years, I found the meat to be absolutely palatable. With my sheep at least, I have been taught to 'cure' them in a cold environment in burlap for a week- but haven't actually tried it any other way. Not sure the impact that actually makes.

As for temperament... I would encourage you to spend some time at the site you are purchasing from(as opposed to a livestock auction unless that's your only option). Load yourself or be involved or at least present for the loading. I think you'll get a good judge of character that way. Also, I've never purchased a ram who was handled by the horns that I know of... I learned that with goats. If they aren't handled by the horns, they don't seem to see them as 'tools of communication'.

I'd also suggest keeping him in one of the paddocks separate from everyone/everything else for a while and visit him with treats a few times without and then with the kids to see how he's adjusting to his new environment.

I'm not a 'sheep' guy though... only been doing it a few years... Others with more experience will likely offer their guidance as well.

*edit* it seems from a quick google that they're naturally polled? But then I found a picture of a ram that wasn't... would your anticipated ram have horns?
Hello peoples of the interwebs!

Ok, update:

I all but literally have found myself in over my head- the literal part being... well... explain to me why I decided to dig a pond by hand. Please. I really need to understand how this ever made the list of 'good idea at the time'.

There are animals everywhere- FINALLY have my Muscovy population up and running, sheep flock is tiny but lined out to be at capacity by this time next year... and one of my last 'great steps' has finally begun in earnest. One of my final long term goals out here was to eliminate my dependency on vehicles and eventually all things 'fuel powered'. For the last few years I have limited myself to a 10 mile driving radius with up to 6 trips 'to town' for supplies or whatnot... and now the final step- sell the truck and move toward something I can sustain effectively and responsibly here.

I give you... Donkeys.

Until I've got that angle managed- I've elected to keep the motorcycle and build a small trailer for it for trips to the feedstore or what have you... but am going to stick with my 10 mile radius and likely eliminate the trips 'to town'.

Have I mentioned I'm a whack-job in the woods?

What do you do with so much time spent in your own company though? For me? It's all but focused on self-examination and a pursuit of sincerity and consistency in my beliefs. I believe we all drive too much and the compulsive 'need' to own as many vehicles as possible is a detriment to everything from the environment in general to the local economy to our own health(IE lack of exercise). I believe dependency on economy is inherently destructive- both as a self-imposed slavery to those who basically dictate our 'happiness', health and quality of life based on the size of our paychecks... not to mention the negative impacts RE: global commerce... Bottom line? I don't want to be a hypocrite. Don't worry, no tirade forth coming.

But you get the idea.

I can't participate in these things(and so many others) if I find them fundamentally wrong.

So... whack-job in the woods is a pretty accurate description, hah. However, everything that crosses my mind, plants that 'seed' and grows into an idea, a concept a plan and fruition- it all has considerably improved not only my life, but... me.

It's a hell of a limitation to decide not to participate in 'modern economy'(or modern health care for that matter, hah, a whole 'nother bowl of nachos). I have found that a bare minimal participation seems difficult to avoid- property taxes for one, but it seems most everything I can do and provide for myself, while still preserving a fulfilling, quality lifestyle. I've learned that people throw away the most amazing things and over the past few years have all but impressed myself with what I can do just living off the 'waste' of the rest of the world. It's something to have a 'need' and get to the point where you can just design and make it out of what you have available.

On the dating front... oh boy.

I don't date... least not by the definition I grew up with and certainly not by the modern standard(what's facebook?). Resigning myself to just going it alone for the duration at this point seems unwise to attempt. It's me rationalizing my situation, I think. Fact is... I do want a partner in all this. The older I get, that seems to be more important. I have no desire to leave a 'legacy'... but it does seem a waste to think of all I put into all this being for naught when I go. I've learned a lot about my own perceptions, definitions and expectations on that front, however... and Marie Antoinette Romances be damned... I'm fairly certain I'm not going to find that great love either on the interwebs or at my age, hah. My pragmatism and logic have sort of smothered out my blindness from years gone by- and I realize that going into all this with a partner would have meant developing it and ourselves together... in our youth, we were so fluid and malleable... but now we're all cleary defined people who are what we have become. So many of us are fixed in our locations, our habits, our expectations of life and everything else... Easy to get a little pessimistic on the 'finding someone front'.

But... wouldn't it be something?

Sorry for the rambly train wreck of an update- hope there was some sense of clarity in there somewhere.

Thanks for the kind words. It's very nice to read someone taking the time to express interest. I hope the best for you and all of us.

I get online these days for a month at a time, every so often.

Back to the grind- fall's coming and the weather seems to have broken- at least for a week or so!
32C here... a bit warm for this time of year. I won't tell you my corn is doing well and will be more than 'knee high in July'. The evil blackbirds have helped burst my pride bubble by pulling every single sorghum shoot and nibbling the seed off. Spent a lot of the afternoon replanting. If you have any spare plastic bottles... Maybe I can sling them at the birds.

I actually have tried convincing myself how 'better off' I could be. Friends that are married swear they envy me my freedom. But still... wouldn't it be the thing that rounds out the whole bargain? I mean... I sincerely love my life. My every day still astonishes me, even when I catch myself crossing my eyes at something that turns out to be nothing when you think on it. But... there's certainly room for another in my little woodland hermitage/asylum.

Knee deep in Spring preparations, busy time of year... Life is pretty good all around. Job's wearing down. 55 working days to freedom, hah!

Still terminally single and still contending with what that means if anything...

How's life in the 'Midlands'?