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Recent posts by Eddie Argent

Hello, Permies! I am at the start of a micro hydro project and I want input on what I am doing. OK?


I have a dam piped with a 6" outflow pipe which has a 100gpm output. I will be assembling a series of settling tanks or barrel that will feed a 700 ft, 3" penstock made of 260psi PVC pipe.

It has 70 feet of head. I have an 8" pelton wheel to attach to a Windblue DC-500 PMA. I need to open up the PMA to bypass its internal rectifier so I can run a DC line to the battery bank.

The battery bank will be 24v. So (4) 6v batteries run in series and parallel to make 24v. I have a Flexcharge Charge Controller NC25A/24 to connect to a 24v water heater element in tank.


I should have a breaker box/fuse between on the DC supply line to the battery bank. Where does one find a DC rate breaker? What rating should it have?

Im stuck on how to configure the wheel in relation to the generator(PMA). The sell er of the wheel had these recommendations for mounting the wheel

To mount the Pelton Wheel to a Generator, here are some ideas.
1) You can purchase the ME1016 Permanent Magnet Generator from Motenergy. See our other listing. This Generator comes with the mounting hub to attach the wheel directly to the shaft of the generator using 4 x M5 bolts.
2) You can purchase a solid coupler from McMaster Carr or Grainger. If you purchase a coupler with a large diameter, where one end fits your generator and the other end has a large diameter, then you can drill holes in the coupler to mount the wheel.
3) You can purchase a Pulley from a local hardware store that fits on your generator. Then put the water wheel over the pulley, and mark the location of 4 to 8 holes. In other words, use the Pelton wheel as a template to drill holes in the face of the pulley.

I need to get moving on this project and could use another set of eyes. I have more questions but I have to go feed the animals.

Let me know what info I have most certainly omitted.


8 years ago
Is Lancaster Pa, considered the East or Appalachia? I seek simple advice on a simple matter
8 years ago
Is Lancaster Pa, considered the East or Appalachia? I seek simple advice on a simple matter.

Thank you
8 years ago