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Recent posts by Dana Gabiga

A good goat'll do that!
Flamethrowers and mulch are fun too!!
4 years ago
Thank you Mike! I will send him an email
I'm sure there are quite a few around Madison! I'm headed that way soon!
5 years ago

Paul Matthews wrote:Hello! SE Wisconsin (Wauwatosa) here. Last fall I spent 5 months living/working/learning on a developing permaculture project in Sheffield, England; we put up a toilet block, sauna, 9x30m polytunnel, and a strawbale barn/bunkhouse was in it's last steps when I finally left. Now that I'm back in the states, all I want to do is get involved with more projects, get more experience, and eventually get my own natural building company started! So far I've found Bear Paw, Acorn Enterprises, and Midwest Natural Builders, but otherwise things seem pretty sparse in the state when it comes to professional outfits.

If you're looking for a set of hands on your project, or have land that you'd like to see some development on, let me know! I'm also trying to find a ride to The Energy Fair (6/17-19) for one day or the whole weekend

Hey Paul! Hello fellow wisconsinites! I'm Dana! I'm new to posting on permies but have been reading a while. I'M SO STOKED THERE'S SO MANY OF US IN WI!!
This is going to sound familiar, Paul, but I just landed back in the states from Wwoofing in Australia! While i was there I had a stay with David Holmgren! Didn't get to meet Bill though! Im in Friendship, near the Dells! Also looking to meet up with some permies and check out permaculture, b/d, natural building, and other awesome  projects in my home state! I'm a lady in my mid 20s and get along with all age groups saving for land, soaking up knowledge, and hoping to make a difference along the way! Make the movement move!
5 years ago
I tried to send this as a message but couldn't get it to send!
Chris, its Dana,
I replied to your post seeking live-in farm hands. It sounds extremely exiting! It always stokes my fire to learn of other couples our age trying to farm organically! Just thought id message you my email address in case you fancied my reply.
We are a humble, funloving couple willing to work and innovate. Michael was an agronomist for big ag and worked for the game and fish department with electric fencing know-how and I'm the artistic one both itching to one day start our own homestead! My email is deedelgee@gmail.com
we would love to hear back and get to knpw you better and see if we're a good fit for you for a little while?
5 years ago
Wow! Chris,
My name is Dana, you sound like an awesome couple!
My boyfriend, Michael, and I are also in our late 20s and are looking to homestead one day, we just got back to the midwest from Wwoofing in Australia for 7 months and are looking for the right opportunity to hunker down and learn and save up for our future start up. We love good music, can chef up about anything, love to fish, hunt, trap, garden. pretty easygoing yet hard working and very pumped about farming. Our schedule isnt nailed down yet maybe we can open communication and see if we can help eachother out if its in the stars?
5 years ago
Hey! I'm new to this forum too!
My name is Dana, my boyfriend and I, from SD and WI, are going to start up our own farm when we get home from Australia. We hope to aim at organic veggie production, permaculture, market gardening, etc. I thought of running a summer program for kids, not sure on age group yet, but do you know anything about the legal aspect of something like this? What kind of licenses and facilities would one have to acquire to be able to either run a strung out course or summer camp activity for kids to involve the community, get kids learning about their soil and food, and at the same time financially support the farm in another way. I'm thinking we will have to have a few legs to stand on.
Does anyone have any links to programs like this already running in U.S.? Would love any knowledge and advice!
Keep the movement moving!
5 years ago