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We are hoping to purchase land in N Georgia and would like to build a cobb house.  If anyone has any information on what areas are zoning friendly, I would greatly appreciate the direction! 
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Aww...I love these pictures of you guys!

8 years ago
Hi Andrew!
I just saw your post and sent you a quick email.

I look forward to reading our post thoroughly and getting back with you!
8 years ago
13 Acres - chemical, herbicide, pesticide, GMO FREE! TRADE farming for housing plus a spit of the profits. No experience necessary. We will teach you. Just need a positive attitude and passionate desire to create a sustainable farm.

What we have now:
We currently have 9 milk goats; 60 chickens; 2 sheep; 2 gr. pyranese; One aquaponics system. A compost bin. Large barn. Rain barrels. We also have an inground heated pool (for recreation, and/ or water source if needed); 13 acres of mostly pasture. Our property is walking distance from the river.

Where: We live in Beautiful, Bluegrass Kentucky, just north of Nashville, TN. We have lived in many states, and this is one of the prettiest states we have ever lived.

Our situation: We travel for work sporadically but extended time frames (up to 3-4 weeks at a time) which has prohibited our growing the farm to incorporate the sustainable systems that we need. We lost ALL of our fish and 600 plants last year while we were on one of our trips when our temporary farm caretaker forgot to check the electric breaker and the pump failed (but would have been turned back on with a simple flip of a switch).

We have found that a temporary (weekend or when we travel) solution is not going to work. Thus, we are now looking for more of a partnership. My husband and I, aged 44 and married for 22 years, would love to propose the following:

Partnership Summary: " A split of the profits from egg, vegetation, milk, fleece, etc plus free rent of a 1000sq ft apartment in exchange for taking care of the farm. Private entrance with pool view. You would not need to pay anything in rent, and all electric, water, gas, and internet, is included. A 2nd bedroom can be included for the right person(s).

In order to split the profits it is important to ensure that the costs and waste are minimized and preventative health is pursued for the animals. We would then split the produce, eggs, and milk, etc. What you don't eat, you can sell!! Our town has 4 thriving farmers markets and several farm to table restaurants in town. This would be income to cover any feed etc (which is minimal due to the grazing of the 13 acres.) And the rest of the sales could be income for our families. I currently have MANY varieties of heirloom seeds including seeds for medicinal plants that will get us started for our seedlings for the upcoming year.The work would include but not necessarily limited to maintaining and growing our current livestock (including clipping hooves, medication) and vegetation, maintaining the fencing and making repairs or adjustments as needed. Expanding the aquaponics and self sustainable systems. Breeding to expand the herd and flocks.

I am also open to you parking an RV if you prefer, you would only need to share in the increase in utilities.

What we want to have:
I would like for us to produce enough food to live a sustainable life, by expanding our aquaponics, herd, flock through a healthy breeding program, and adding turkeys and at least rabbits (for composting material). And would like to do this with someone who wants the same!
We are looking into getting a hoop green house to extend the growing season throughout the year using a wood burning stove and any other type of alternative heating source that is practical (compost, water barrels, etc)
I want to expand the aquaponics system to grow all vegetables required for all food and herbs. As well as providing fish for food. I have bins and would love to have worms as well. We have pine trees to contribute acidic mulch for acid loving plants such as blueberries, too!
I want us to add Mason (non stinging) bees. Our neighbor has hives and would happily show us how to best care for these lovely creatures.

We are open to other animals provided that the fencing can be sufficient as well as the pasture being sufficient to prevent over grazing. We had looked into getting a few cows but our current electric fencing wasn't enough to prevent the liability of their getting out. However, if you have animals that you would desire to add to the farm, this can be discussed for joint purchase as well.

We do NOT use any chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds and ALL fertilizers are organic.

Additionally, something that is definitely NOT required, but could be fun, is to cook together, or co-cook on rotation, or something like that. We eat a mostly Paleo and 100% gluten free diet. We do our best to cook organic foods as well.

We are looking forward to getting to know others who are like minded and enjoy the idea of creating a thriving farm! We are happy to share the knowledge that we have gained over the years and are eager to learn from you as well!!!

tags: farm partnership, need land, prepper, self sustainable farm, rent for work, trade room for work, trade rent for work, split profits, rv, camper
8 years ago
Thank you so much Jay!

I will now try to find your message! I will one day have this forum figured out!

YAY! I found your message in my email! Thanks for the quick reply!
8 years ago
I sent you a private message (I am new to this forum "thing") and I am still learning how to do it. I see that you requested comments to remain in this thread. So I will repost it here:

I am wanting to build a Cob construction in Georgia. I find your ideas very interesting. Including building a log cabin and then expanding if that is what is necessary.

1. Do you do consulting? (We fit more in the category of have "time and will" rather than money)......but I also understand that you would probably not want to consult for free. Do you have a standard price that you charge to talk to the zoning people and the engineer?

2. Do you know of a Georgia Certified Engineer who is "friendly" to Cob structures? If not, where is the best place to find an engineer that works with alternative or in your terms (an my preference also) "traditional" materials?

3. I would prefer to build with cob for all of the eco benefits as well as my desire to build as inexpensively as possible as our desire is to also be out of debt. But I am open to other ideas (such as your log cabin idea) if the zoning people are completely closed minded to cob. I am not sure how to determine where they fall on that scale because I have spoken with the county zoning where we would like to build. They said that they have no restrictions as far as the type of home we use as long as it is approved by an Georgia Certified Engineer. (So I guess it sounds like it is up to the engineer to approve of the structure, thus would be the most important person to have full understanding of cob???)

I am looking forward to seeing if you have any suggestions!
Thank you so much

8 years ago
We are also interested in moving to Atlanta and want to build a Cob house but are not sure how to get through the permit process. Have you had any success in finding an engineer that will work with you?

8 years ago