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Recent posts by Juniper Zen

I did this but found the taste lacking and it was tough. Dogs loved it though!
3 days ago
My 10" previously-non-stick frying pan has given up the ghost. Any ideas for repurposing it? It's useless to donate but I'd hate to just throw it out.
5 days ago
That window is super cool! I've never seen that before.
6 days ago
I know nothing about building but it's fun to see the step by step progress.
1 week ago
The 4 wheeled carts and plywood 2 wheelers wouldn't work for my situation because I need to navigate tight turns, but it's good to have the info for others. I think I'll get a cart like this:
1 week ago
Which do you find more useful and easy to use on a small homestead? I need to buy something to transport small amounts of compost, used straw bedding, feed, etc. If it makes a difference, I am 5’4” and have decent upper body strength for a woman but not compared to a man.
2 weeks ago

Myrth Montana wrote:I know it isn’t permaculture-correct, but I confess we have a roof over our outdoor run and I harvest and bring their food to them. It keeps them in and predators out.

As I understand it, one of the core ideas of permaculture is creating closed loop, self-sustaining systems. Having to keep replacing your chickens because predators eat them is not a self-sustaining, closed loop. So I wouldn't say that keeping them in a covered run is un-permie. :)
2 weeks ago

Jay Angler wrote:There is a disease which cats carry that can hurt people (particularly pregnant women). It will stay in the soil for a number of years and I strongly suggest you research recommended procedures. I only had a single cat to worry about, and she wasn't sick. It sounds as if you've had many unknown felines. Improving the soil microbes and mycorrhizae should go a long way to helping this, but please stay safe. Maybe there's another Permie who knows more about this.

Toxoplasmosis. Not a strong worry unless OP is a female who is pregnant or looking to get pregnant.
"Infections with toxoplasmosis usually cause no obvious symptoms in adults.[2] Occasionally, people may have a few weeks or months of mild, flu-like illness such as muscle aches and tender lymph nodes."
"Up to half of the world's population is infected by toxoplasmosis, but have no symptoms.[7] In the United States, about 23% are affected[10] and in some areas of the world this is up to 95%."
These quotes are just from Wikipedia but there's other good info if you google it or whatever.
3 weeks ago
Considering that chickens will scratch at their necks/faces with their feet when they're itchy, I would think that they would pull the hoods right off. I have aprons on two of my girls who were getting pecked/scratched by the rooster, and they tried very hard to get the aprons off. They didn't succeed since there was elastic going under their wings to secure it. How would you secure the hood?
3 weeks ago
My chickens have a 5' tall coop and many of them can fly onto its roof. They are heavier dual purpose breeds, too.
3 weeks ago