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Recent posts by Francesco Delvillani

Check also Yuzu I read in several forum it should be very hardy..
5 years ago
It's the lacking of some nutrients (not azote, since this plant takes it from air) and, may be, high temperature....
5 years ago
They look healthy...probably, being almost desert plants, they don't suffer the dry environment
6 years ago I know Mexicola is one (or the) of most cold-hardy, if it will survive with no damage at -7°C it could be a very good choice for place where Mandarin tree survive..
6 years ago
Did someone really test the cold-hardiness of Mexicola Avocado ?? Is it real what we read about ? I was also wondering when does it fruit (period) in temperate climate ? (Before Christmas ? or later? and are the fruit damaged by light frost ??) !!!

The last thing....i read it can take 15° and survive without damage....but if the temperature are higher, but last for a long period (For example 25° F each night for 1 or 2 weeks, with max temp of 40° F or less) does it withstand ??

Which are your experiences ??

6 years ago
Blackberry are grow in warmer climate than other small fruits...On the Alps (up to 1500 m) i found raspberry, but not true blackberry....anyway, Rubus is a very big group, for sure there will be some species with black Berries for zone 4
6 years ago
Congratulation These photos are amazing
6 years ago
Figs and Kaki grow well without cares.....also American Grape, Pomegranate and, if you have enough rain during summer, Asimina Triloba..
6 years ago

Maureen Atsali wrote:
So here is what we grow:
Trees: eucalyptus, mango, avocado, loquat, jackfruit, guava
Bananas: sweet and starchy varieties
Rootcrops: sweet potato, taro root, cassava
Legumes: cowpea, pigeon pea, common beans, peanuts, bambura groundnut
Maize (corn)
Squash and pumpkins
Green leafies: black nightshade, sun hemp, amaranth, cowpea, Jews mallow, cleome, collards, pumpkins cilantro
Papaya, pineapples, passion fruit
Hot peppers, onions
Domestic sugarcane
Fodder crops: Napier grass, Mexican sunflower

You could plant many other tropical fruit trees as: Carambola, Cherimoya, Soursop, Black Sapote, White Sapote, Canistel, Lacuma, Syzygium jambos, Mammey Sapote etc....
7 years ago
May be you should chose the drier season (in Ecuador Jun-Agoust)....and water only the soil.
Plant as tomatos suffer if they receive too much water over the leaves...but almost al vegetables prefer don't like humid air.
7 years ago