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Watching this series should give you a great head start towards making long term options for preparing soil for a homestead:

5 years ago
Do you have an email to contact you through?
6 years ago
Haines has always been on my list as a place to visit and live for awhile.

What times of year are you looking for people? Can you accept a couple? Is their a living situation for volunteers?

Maybe not this summer, but next year I can make my way up there.

7 years ago
Oh No!

I recently got into this whole permaculture thing a year ago. After completing a season at an organic farm, my next step was to learn earth building. I had emailed Mike and set up to visit him this summer. He was so polite and encouraging; my fiance and I were so excited to get to spend some time there. I hope all his family is doing well.

Mike will be missed, but his dedication to alternative living and his legacy will live on.

Thank you all for the wonderful resources and information you provide.
7 years ago