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some deodrants work by block the skin pores and this may cause skin rash for some people so before you buy deodrant read about its components and how it works to avoid this allergy.
5 years ago
How herbs and spices enhance sexual life for women:

Cayenne pepper - searing spice to enhance blood flow. Vasodilator to stimulate the libido. Traditionally used not only by those who wish to lose weight, but also those who want to fill their sex life with bright colors. Pepper produces a natural feeling of well being and increases blood flow to the female genitals, making them more sensitive.

Cinnamon is one of the most famous herbal enhancers of sexual desire, stimulates blood circulation and increases body temperature. Do not forget to read aboutcontraindications cinnamon and see weight loss recipes with cinnamon. Also, I wrote in these articles how to forget about flatulence forever. Read and apply.

Celery - exclusively female natural pathogen.Because of its components from the celery odor similar to the smell of male sweat that makes a woman sensitive receptors are activated by pheromones. Be sure to read about how you can use celery to the figures.

Ginseng is used in alternative medicine for over a thousand years. This natural aphrodisiac increases the desire of partners in bed. Who said that fatigue obstacle proximity? Take a few drops and weariness will evaporate.

Damiana has traditionally been used to treat frigidity in women, as well as impotence and premature ejaculation in men. It is considered a tonic for the reproductive organs of both sexes.

Angelica enhances the intimate desire in women, increases the feeling of satisfaction and joy. It also helps the body cope with stress, reduce fatigue, refreshes the intimate power, which is especially important for women in menopause.

Melissa used as an antidepressant and tonic for the reproductive system. The plant helps to restore strength and increases the sensitivity of the genitals.

Source Full Article: medicinal herbs
5 years ago

how damiana leaves work as aphrodisiac:

Centuries ago, the Mayans used the leaves of damiana as an aphrodisiac, the same effect, both men and women. This herb not only improves libido, but also enhances the pleasure of intimacy. These properties have been confirmed by scientists from the Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry in 2009. The therapeutic effect of damiana leaves is due to the action of flavonoids and points to the possibility of using this product in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Funds based damainy (eg "Damian Forte) is credited with men from impotence. Herbal Extract helps to relieve the symptoms associated erectile dysfunction, increases blood flow to the genitals and helps erection. Damiana leaves treat frigidity in young women and women on the threshold of menopause. Acceptance of this herb promotes the production of testosterone, amplifies the attraction to the opposite sex, the desire to return.

Source Full Article : medicinal herbs
5 years ago
Chokecherries has many benefical effects but till now i have no information on if it lowers cholesterol but it has many other benefical effects as the following:

Chokecherry calms the respiratory nerves and allays coughs, bronchitis, scrofula, fever, and asthma. It also is an outstanding remedy for weakness of the stomach with irritation, such as ulcers, gastritis, colitis, dyspepsia, diarrhea, and dysentery. It is helpful combined in digestive tonics with such herbs as licorice, ginseng, cypress, anise and tangerine peel.

i hope that helpful for you and thanks for your replay
5 years ago


Cherry is good not only as a filling for a pie. This berry helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar and fat in the liver, lower oxidative stress and increased production of a molecule that helps the body to properly organize the absorption of fat and sugar.
The positive effects of high concentrations of antioxidant compounds in cherries have been found by scientists of the University Health System of Michigan (USA) After testing its effects on laboratory rats for 90 days.
Enriched carbohydrate diet consisted of 10% of the rodents cherry ingredients. According to doctors, the consumption of cherries can stop the formation of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes - its action is aimed at improving the ability to neutralize damaging molecules produced in the body during metabolism.

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5 years ago