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Recent posts by Christopher De Joe

Selling my Geoff Lawton Online PDC set of dvds(24), for $500 OBO.  I have watched the videos enough. They are in good shape with a couple scratches here and there that have not affected play back quality.  I have to sell my farm and so I am selling everything that goes along with it.

Nicole Alderman wrote:I know I'm probably not the only one that deals with this. I build up a nice pile of wood, put sod over it, and then attempt to cover with dirt. The dirt all rolls off, piling on the ground around the hugel. This makes for deep soil at the bottom, and very little on the top. To get soil deep enough at the top, the bottom gets so wide I can't reach the plants at the top of the hugel. It's very frustrating!

Anyone have any tricks to keep the dirt on top? I've found putting rocks or logs around the edge helps keep some of the dirt up, but hauling all those rocks is no fun, and wastes uses up some vertical planting space. The logs also do that, as well as wick moisture from the hugel.

I'm currently thinking about putting some logs around the base while I put the dirt on the hugel, and then removing them afterward, and hoping the dirt doesn't all slide off... and that the logs will actually come out!

Anyone have any tricks or techniques to arranging the hugel and putting the dirt on so it doesn't all slide off?


This can be tricky. My first go I wanted to have one about two feet high. I started by digging almost three feet into the ground. This is what I ended up with.

3 years ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:Internet will eventually come, just not right away.
Right now we both have jobs and that's where I do this from for now.
When I can, I am going to put up a thread, with photos of each space on the farm.

As it is now we have a 20 ft. Holiday Ramblette for living quarters, this is connected by fencing to the yard/ gardens/ orchard (.75 acre).
Next to this fenced yard is the first Guinea Hog Paddock (.65 acre), which will have two more paddocks directly connected to the first one (the two new ones come this winter and will be in the forested area to the east and north of the current paddock.
On top of the ridge we also have a 21 x 12 foot storage building going up, there's an 8 x 8 foot chicken coop (finished) being used as temporary storage shed, the hog house (was built with pallets).
Three weeks ago I finished putting up the first roof (16 ft. x 20 ft.) for our house, currently it is over the 20 ft. trailer we are living in for now.

We are so deep in the woods that we can not currently get Internet, TV would have to be satellite and we aren't willing to spend money on that for now.
Our closest neighbor is about a half mile away. I also plan on buying the ten acres next to us so we can keep our neighbors far away (see my signature).
We plan on being able to grow and raise most all of our food in the end.

The internet cable ends on our neighbors property a bit down the road. To this end we have satellite internet. Not the greatest but it does the trick. Just an FYI.
3 years ago