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Recent posts by Benton Lewis

Looks like they are sharing it!
2 days ago
Thanks!  “extrafloral nectaries” is a good way to put it
2 days ago
Not talking about the flowers. Don't see aphids but ants and wasps seem to love the ends of cow pea plants, including yard long beans. Read in Africa there is symbiotic relationship but most places say it's just aphids releasing sap for the ants.
3 days ago
I think that's it Tyler! Aka the mole cricket hunter and we have those too.
1 week ago
Looks very similar but the eyes just don't match up.
1 week ago
What are all the edible parts of the coturnix quail? When butchering the quail, are there any parts that I might want to throw the quail out of I accidently cut?
3 weeks ago
That's exciting Tyler! You try so hard in a seemingly tough area for gardening. I hope these work out really well for you.
1 month ago
Not sure of the variety. The cassava section of Eric Toensmeier's book called Perennial Vegetables is where I read of it.
8 months ago
Supposedly there is a type of cassava developed in Africa that can produce a crop in around three months, but it has not been imported into the USA. I'm not sure why not or the legal side of this, but any tips on how to get that cultivar of cassava to my garden in the USA?
8 months ago