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Sprouting, soaking, fermenting etc.?

I wonder how the people who lived off beans as one of their staples, like the Aztecs, prepared beans. They knew corn should be nixtamalized, but what did they do to beans to make them more bioavailable?
2 days ago
"As far as the Amish- they hire a car and driver to take them to Walmart. Not impressed at all with that."

Things like that are my suspicion.

I think pre petroleum people had to rely heavily on wild game, especially aquatic wildlife in river, creek, lake, ocean etc environments and wild foods. The almost extinct in America American chestnut was also a major wild source of calories as was acorns for some tribes. I've seen acres and acres of what appeared to be wild growing cattails.

Also, they had agricultural staples like corn, beans and squash and before that staples like the eastern agricultural complex. They probably farmed formerly wild underground, calorie heavy crops like duck potatoes, spurge nettle and Prarie turnip.

I've read some tribes around the world in places like Africa, Australia, and Okinawa even today have diets extremely high in cassava and sweet potatoes to sustain them.

1 month ago
I think this is a blastodisk indicating the duck egg is fertile?
4 months ago
Are the nutrients in bee pollen bioavailable to humans? I've read of 2 methods to make them more bioavailable. They are cracked or fermented bee pollen grains. Some articles I've read make it sound like I wouldn't get much if any nutrients if I ate the uncracked and unfermented bee pollen grains that I bought from a local grocery store shown in the attached image.
6 months ago
Sounds like winter food will be the challenge.  Are there any evergreen plants like shrubs that would feed goats through the winter in georgia in zone 8?  The invasive evergreen privet thrives here. 
I live in central Georgia.  What should I plant to not have to buy food for meat or dairy goats? 

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:Cnidoscolus stimulosus is a perennial. Therefore, my propagation strategy would be to dig it up, chop the root into pieces, and replant.

Few seeds is very doable in a plant propagation and/or breeding project. No seeds ever is problematic.

Thanks! I dug some up today.  I am a novice at all this gardening stuff...I'm familiar with cutting potato roots where you have to have a few eyes on each piece, but no eyes on this root that i see.  I just got finished trying to plant them in a tall vase because they are long.  Only one plant had seeds and I am not sure how to harvest them and don't want to get seeds before they are ready. 

Much easier to cut the root up into sections and plant shallow instead of in deep holes.  Maybe its not that vital that i keep the greens alive and can just bury pieces on the root, but how long should each root section be?

Root sections could multiply the plant fast because the roots are long!  (my hands sure are burning haha)
9 months ago
AKA spurge nettle.  Could be a good staple crop but has few seeds.
9 months ago