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With regards to the ferrocement plaster it might be the laminated ferro-cement plaster that has chicken wire or similar sized mesh pushed into it to add strength.

War ships and pontoons in the Second World War were made with the laminated ferro-cement process and some are still around today. You can also add rice husk to the cement mix or other type of ash to make pozzolana cement, a Roman waterproof cement used for boatbuilding, that may also be suitable for underground constructions.

I've not used it but have researched it.
4 years ago
I was in India and barbed wire was difficult to source, so I used a cheap 2' - 3' rebar through every sack sometimes two for corners going through three or four courses below.

Best to leave it a day for hammering in the rebar as more firm.

I'm not suggesting that you use rebar, just informing you of my construction without barbed wire.

My construction was a straight wall rectangle earth bag construction.

Good luck.
4 years ago
I don't know, but I wish you well with the project and hope you receive your information to your question soon.

I have just finished a simple 650 polypropelene earth bag construction with reinforcing rebar through every sacks. It was straight rectangle construction hence the rebar.

Good luck with the earth bag construction.
4 years ago
Hello guys,

I hope you may be able to help and advise me.

I am moving from London to the tropics of South India. I have a large beach shack that I have reinforced with earth bag sand/cement mix ratio 90/10 to make the walls strong and secure.
I plan to make Geleto ice cream and need to be able to store the ice cream after I've made it.

The beach shack is off grid, and I have been looking into ice cellars online. I'm finding some information but most of the information is about larger ice cellars.

I really wanted to make a small circular ice pit from a barrel or garbage can or maybe bigger rectangle at 4' long x 3' wide and about 5' deep.

If I could tell you my basic plan maybe you could be able to tell me if it would work or advise me.

1. I plan to dig a hole 5' deep.
2. Layer the bottom with gravel and then sawdust 1 foot thick for insulation and drainage.
3. Insulate the side walls with polystyrene ( or maybe sawdust or straw bundles )
4. Make a double insulated lid door from plywood and polystyrene.

5. Then go to pick up some local manafactured ice cubes to empty into the hole and compact.
6. Lower my selection of gelato ice creams in a basket/container to be kept frozen in the ice pit.

Now, would you think this may work?

And if so, any idea on how much ice would be needed and how long the ice might last before replacing with added ice from a local source?

I do hope you guys may be able to advise.
Thank you.

Kind regards,


4 years ago