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Kathryn Guillaum

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since Sep 23, 2015
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Recent posts by Kathryn Guillaum

My name is Kathryn ( Kat ), and basically I'm new to this site. I've been getting newsletters and tried some time back to navigate and figure out what is what.
Now...I have some time to search.
I live in S.E Alaska ( Prince of Wales Island ), retired, and we're learning and taking advantage of the natural resources available here.
A couple of years ago, this place was hit with a landslide...blah blah blah, so now we are trying to repair and carry on. Growing things, and foraging and living amongst our wildlife neighbors, is really an eye-opening and mostly fun experience. Even with the challenges, I would rather live here, than down south.
Lots of thoughts, but learning more everyday!!  The photo is just a hint of Mother Nature's power and the other is our community kiosk and look out point.

4 years ago
First of all; Hello from AK. I have no idea what the heck I'm does a newcomer navigate around this site.....just jump in?
Am I replying in the right place, do I introduce myself, so on. I'm still searching to find my way around. How about a " Newbie" section?

Second: I agree with the map feature, and I would love to take an online course for permaculture, so thanks for the idea!
With our climate changing, I can use all the help available.