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Hello and sorry if I was unclear.  I was a in bit of a panic at the time as the farmer who rented it walked away from the lease a year early. I'll fix the original ad, but I meant "your job would be to MAINTAIN it and all"

No you wouldn't be planting trees. I'm doing that this trip.

Since that original posting, I've taken possession of the farm, found a local caretaker, have the whole place painted, put in new appliances, new bed, security bars on the doors, windows, etc  Headed back there on the 27th to install a cistern, and make other improvements.

There is a bus line that goes past the property and takes you to the Pan-american highway. Bugaba is a nearby town where you can get a monster burger & fries for $5. We are 45 minutes North of David. The Costa Rico boarder is about 20 minutes north on the P/A highway.

As far as animals go, so far we have 50 chickens that are a month old & going on pasture soon. I'm adding another 50 at the end of the month, and another 50 when I return to the property at the end of October. I am planning to work from Panama for about a month, starting on the 20th.

I'm sure you have a ton of questions that I'm not answering, and I'll get back to this ad tomorrow, but I wanted to respond. Send me a message and I'll give you my # for whatsApp.
4 years ago
I have a 20 acre farm in the Chriqui highlands of Panama that will be unoccupied starting in July until I get there next February. Looking for a homesteader who is lacking the funds to get started. There is a two bedroom house with indoor plumbing & electricity, but it is a small concrete house typical of the area. It's well constructed but pretty damn basic.  There are pastures, paddocks, coops, stables, etc. and your job would be to make it and all of the fruit trees will be there when I move down. The farm is in a fairly remote area, but there is a bus line that goes passed the property. I expect the place to be unfurnished when I take possession at the end of June.

You would need to have a valid visa and cash enough to cover your expenses (such as wifi), but there are plenty of fruit & avocado trees. You'd be responsible for tending the seedling trees I've planted. If all goes well, we could discuss a sweat-equity partnership.
4 years ago
Another point to consider is that, providing you develop the property properly, that you can 'flip' that property eventually, and much of your improvements should yield a bump out at the end. For example. Let's say you've planted several acres of walnut trees. These won't provide you any real income, but they will certainly increase the value of the land in 7+ years.
7 years ago
you can send me an email with your contact info to
7 years ago
Best advice I can give is start with those things that take the longest to do. Your soil sounds like it needs a lot of work, so I would start planning hugely beds where you are likely to put crops. Not sure where that is yet? You can still fell trees that aren't worth keeping and give them a little to decompose. The house should generally be in the middle of the property, but if you can't pick an obvious location, put up a yurt, or a tiny house in a likely spot. You can always move the yurt or keep the tiny house for guests
7 years ago
My biz partner and I are looking to start/join something similar and will be in VA next weekend looking for land to buy in the 10-20 acres range. Would be great to meet. We are self-funded and being in our 50s as well, would only be interested in joining something where there is a long-term or permanent situation vs seasonal /WWOOFing. I am a software engineer by trade but also have skills in carpentry, masonry, cooking, brewing.
7 years ago
Where is this 60 acres located?
7 years ago
Have you found any takers yet?
My biz partner and I are scouting for locations in Maryland/Virginia presently (we're just outside Baltimore), but we've been open to looking at other areas as well - we've scouted raw land in Tennessee and Ecuador.

We both have excellent credit and cash enough to buy a reasonable sized parcel outright. We are researching forms of ownership currently and are leaning towards going the non-profit route.

I'm not sure I'd be looking to relocate to Maine (although it is beautiful and I'm originally from the Boston area), but if you'd consider coming down this way send me a private message.
7 years ago
Hello permies,
I am partnering with a friend to buy a plot of land and we are open to including other like minded individuals whom may be interested in joining us. We are most likely going to structure the place as a non-profit, so that anyone who is interested in investing in this project would be apportion a percentage of ownership of the business. We are currently located in Baltimore, Maryland and presently considering locations in Maryland and Virginia, although we have looked at property in Tennessee, and Ecuador.

We are self funded, looking to purchase approximately 10+ acres to build a project similar to

So far we have budgeted $50-$80K budget for the land, which should leave us a sufficient cash reserve to building, planting, etc.

Our intention is to purchase the land in the next 3-4 months.

If you think you may be interested in what we're attempting, say hello.

7 years ago