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Hello everyone!

I am a new member of this entire Permies crew, but I absolutely know for certain that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Having said that, now that i know what I want, I want to ensure the education I get is "top notch" in that it will teach me to be the best (with my effort in it matching) FROM the best.

I'm looking at the OSU or Permaculture Institute online course for a PDC, since I'm a part time poor college student (and a grand or so is easy to save up for, but hard to travel for), BUT-

What about earthship certifications for building?

Waste management etc. ?

I got introduced to this through my geography professor during a lecture on the "ecological age" and discussing a semester in Freiburg, Germany. I don't want to just make permaculture towns, or help build them, but ALSO want to know how to convert others to a Freiburg, Germany setting of public transit, waste management, etc. etc. as I believe this, too, will be a big part of the ecological age and ensuring everyone, not just the people who do it out of heart, might be able to get into it.

thank you for any recommendations, or tidbits of wisdom! I already have to contain myself to not burn myself out on learning more and more and more about the entire permaCulture!

Corson M. Nikkel
I'm confused-

Why would I want to do this if it does not give me the PDC?

Wouldn't I want to just do the PDC and then use this course as a supplemental path to eventually having my Diploma PDC?
Hey, I'm in Michigan too!

Anyone been successful? I'm hoping to get a PDC from either OSU or Geoff within the next year or so, been looking for opportunities to get some on the job and internship experience here in the state, and would love to network with you all in state <3

5 years ago