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I would suggest checking out what Jon has going on and starting a dialogue if you're near Tampa, or considering moving/staying near there.  He's willing to discuss options with folks about different arrangements.
Thanks for the memories!
4 years ago

Chris Badgett wrote:To Paul and all those who see are suffering from pain like this from the sacrum to the neck.

I have experienced similar pain and found relief in the most unlikely places.

I would encourage you to have an open mind and check out a condition call TMS:

Feel better soon!

I got a great deal of help from John Sarno's work with TMS. I think the top tiers are (as stated here)
1. get your psycho-spiritual house in order (if thats an issue)
2. hydration
3. non-inflammatory diet
4. vitamin k-2, d3, good calcium, and magnesium (I buy Magnesium chloride salts, dilute 50/50 with water and put it in a roll-on
applicator) Magnesium is super critical for so many biochemical processes, especially flexibility
5. Consider looking into DMSO if inflammation is an issue. Its an anti-inflammatory transdermal wood byproduct, amazing stuff.
6. Pain meds are bad stuff. Many people report great pain relief using Kratom, red vein strains are generally more sedative and pain
relieving, greens are more motivating with some relief, but rest and #7
7. Stretching should be more towards the top, but whatever. Grounding and listening to the body, and working mindfully.
8. TENS units do work well for some conditions, I think I got mine for $70 on ebay, you can get one that exercises muscles as well
if you're desk bound and want to work on your abs. ; )

To your health Paul!
5 years ago
I'm reaching out to some local permies here in S/W Mi, and thought I'd throw it out here:

I came across a study showing biochar remediates nearly 100% of lead from water:

The cases of Legionaires disease that have emerged as well are disturbing, and I have found a bit of anecdotal info online
about silver ions (poor mans colloidal silver) purifying bacteria in water.

Backyard tech can make a big differences in this terrible situation. I have reached out to a few organizations in the hopes they
may be interested in hosting biochar making demos to help empower some folks. I haven't heard back, from anyone.

All my jaded friends are quite pessimistic about making a dent. All I see is crowdfunding to buy cases of water, and a few poorly
performing ones trying to get money for R/O water filters.

Friends, would you care to comment with practical ideas or suggestions?

Thanks, and God have mercy on the residents of Flint
5 years ago
Ok, I am guilty of lurking for a bit, but why not come out in the open?

I have been a'woofin for the last three years since getting divorced.
I stay in between Metro detroit, and Southwest Michigan about 1.5 hours from Chicago during the northern "sweet spot".
My friends in SW MI have acerage that I nearly have carte blanche on, though minimal financial resources and equipment.
I have been keeping modest gardens, planting perrenials and trying to upgrade antiquated tractors. I also help out other farmers in
SW Mi and serve as a general handyman. I'm looking at potentially running sheep next year, and working in copious perrenials especially
goji berry and elderberry.

Broadly: I'm a Christian, shadetree mechanic, accordionist, farmhand, and mildly jaded by conspiracy culture.

I sometimes migrate to SC or FL for the winters.

I'm interested in networking, easing mine and others burdens through cooperation and ingenuity. I'm interested in friendship and
establishing a foundation of trust and functionality as a prerequisite before any more involved relations.

I'm straight, have no debt or children, I clean up pretty well from what they tell me.

Feel free to be in touch. If I depart MI, it will be by early Dec, perhaps southbound to SC, FL, though nothing is fixed.
6 years ago