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Recent posts by G Christian Kalnay

I have the same question... same situation.

I have a low point on our property that is always wet on the surface - even in dry season. I've dug about 6 holes in different areas nearby (up slope) and they all fill with water that seeps in - some rather quickly.

I've also found crayfish in one of the holes!

So, I'm thinking about doing the same - digging it out in dry season.

Any good books that detail this process?
2 months ago
Hi all - We are hosting a meetup via the North Georgia Permaculture Network on our property on May 27th. The is that we could use some help re-covering our greenhouse, which lost the plastic due to storms. It's a large greenhouse at about 35 x 115, so we could use the extra hands!

Food and drinks will be provided to all participants, and a presentation on season extension will be included in the workshop.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to attend. It would be great to meet all of the N. Georgia permies in person!
3 years ago
We just purchased a beautiful 7 acre property in NW Georgia (about 1 hour south of Chattanooga, TN). It's mostly pasture, with underground water and electric - no septic yet).

We are curious if there is a family or two that is interested in coming onto the property in an RV or tiny home. We are moving to the property in June, and have a perma/production layout for the property, but lot's of projects to be done - firstly building a house and having septic installed. Good schools in the area if you're interested in public schools, and the Chattahoochee National Forest is minutes away. About 30-40 minutes from Rome, GA which is a cool big town/little city.

We're not looking for much - actually offering more. Just share in the costs of water and electric, and maybe some help with occasional projects that require multiple people. We would share the beautiful land and whatever else we can.

I'm not sure exactly how it would work, or for how long, but sending a feeler out. We would probably prefer to share with a family as we are a family of 4 with little ones (5 & 9), but couples could be welcome too!
3 years ago
I just came across this video by Theron Beaudreau and found it really fascinating in how to integrate multiple free opensource tools and resources to gather data, organize and assemble it into a coherent permaculture design.

3 years ago
Free wildflower seeds courtesy of General Mills that help pollinators.

I normally don't promote corporate type stuff because it is usually insidiously self-serving, however I think this is kind of a win-win. Free wildflower seeds courtesy of General Mills that help pollinators.

Thanks Beekeepers Club of Gwinnett County for sharing!


3 years ago
I am currently reading Richard's book and have to say it is my favorite resource - the chapter on keyline design is one of the best explanations I've come across. Richard draws on a variety of disciplines and management approaches on top of his deep experience in design and application. This is a very thorough book, great for applied concepts and demonstrating a balance between a production farm and permaculture principles. It is worth every penny.
3 years ago
I have not seen this film yet. However, I suspect most (and more) information can be found on the "theNOFAVT" YouTube Channel. NOFAVT is the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont. He gave a presentation to them and it is presented in five 1-hour parts. VERY informative, and really what I consider a "must-see." He is not strictly permaculture in his methods, but it is low to no tillage, soil creation, hand tools, bio-intensive production farming that utilizes organic inputs.

I've included a link to the playlist below.

Is there a specific forum where people post sketches/layouts of permaculture designs for their particular land/use? I am curious because I would like to see some of the applied design principles, but have not really come across that on this site.

Please point me in the right direction, as I am working on one for our property and would much appreciate feedback from the more experienced. One never know what one might have missed, overlooked, misunderstood, etc.

Much appreciated!
3 years ago
I can across this PDF which is published by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Org of the UN), and find it to be the most comprehensive guide to all aspects of Aquaponics. 288 pgs, and lots of statistical information, graphs, designs, etc. Better than every book I've ever checked out from the library on the subject.

Although no book can be all-inclusive, I highly recommend this guide.


Also, if anyone can suggest something similar, please post here.

3 years ago