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Pen Else

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since Nov 03, 2015
Beckenham, Kent, England, UK
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I have no opinions on anyone's personality/character here, though I'm guessing 'massive button-pressings each way.'  It happens. It's happened to me.

It does shout loudly, however, to the need to have things clearly defined, and in writing. Never assume the other person's worldview and responses are the same as yours. Ask the questions, get the answers, explain your compromises (eg kids vs ticket-payers). Write it down. Every time I've not done that, things have gone horribly wrong...
Looks like 'rough cinquefoil' - 3 leaves as opposed to the regular cinquefoil with its 5 leaves
1 year ago
I'm 55 and have ME/CFS, so this has been on my mind for a while. Top of my thinking is to plant in a way that won't suffer if I'm bed-bound for a few weeks, will still produce for when I'm back out there, and will self-sustain. So lots of trees and shrubs, water-retaining soil, self-seeding polycultures. green manures. In theory, no matter how chaotic the garden looks for a while, there will still be plenty to eat.
2 years ago
My trees aren't ready yet, but I've been growing many from seed because of his inspiration.  I'm going to grow and guerilla-plant many food-trees and shrubs every year, and every one will be #PlantedforBill.

As a slight aside as to how my mindset has changed in the last year of learning about Permaculture - I've been watching The Walking Dead, a favourite - and looked at shots of Alexandria and thought "Jayzus, look at all that lawn along your streets, it should all be food forest."
2 years ago
Funny! I have a BSc in Ergonomics, and spent my life as a system designer. I guess it was inevitable that Permaculture would call to me. Ergonomics includes things like systems, flows, interfaces as they pertain to humans - perhaps Permaculture is the Human-Nature Interface. Darn sight more interesting than my thesis on Human-Computer Interfaces.
Fascinating to follow your progress, do keep it coming!

If you're digging lots of post holes, may I recommend something like this, a post hole auger? Everyone who's used mine has been very excited by the ease of use and the perfect hole that it creates!
3 years ago
I love it! A great combination of the academic and the practical, just how I like it. I'm looking forward to hearing/helping the next stages of development.
3 years ago
My main concerns with the new design are these:

1. The wood background and curved corners looks very old-fashioned, like the earliest websites (I was there). If Permaculture is to be taken seriously, we need something that looks current, not throwback.
2. Button fonts: I find these very hard to read, and I suspect they'd fail visual contrast tests.
3. 'Best of' - nice idea, but they'll get old very soon, unless they're randomly displayed so that we don't have to scroll down to be inspired by one we haven't read.
4. It's really nice to have images to break up the text - they could be larger, lose the white-space.
5. The alternate-colour list: the beige ones tend to disappear, perhaps need a border.
6. 'All Forums' - I had to work quite hard to find where the 'not top forums' were (a faint link at the base of the Top Forums list)

My credentials: BSc Hons Ergonomics, 1st for Human-Computer Interface Evaluation project.
I might offer cash prizes for funky videos that explained permaculture in 15 seconds with a strong 4-second lead-in (as per youtube's cut-off for ads), to be hosted on the creator's own youtube channel and linking to your special perma-explained landing page. The videos that get the most public votes win. That way we get both the views and some ideas as to what message/approach works. Oh, and 'funky' because the competition is aimed at the young-uns.

UK's Channel 4 regularly run something like this: